Distracted Driving Kills. Now You Know So Don’t Do It.

I have continually written about the risks and dangers of distracted driving and impaired driving. I wrote a lengthy article about the death of Dr. Frank Ryan, a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon, who crashed his Jeep over a cliff because he was sending a text about his dog. Yet people continue to text and drive. I saw a man texting and driving this morning on my way into the office.

The National Highway Safety Administration released its data regarding distracted driving crashes across the country.  Last year distracted driving crashed caused 448,000 injuries and 5,474 deaths. That is one in every six highway deaths caused by distracted driving.

Why do people continue to drive while texting? Is it that they think they are more important than basic safety considerations? Is it that they are so important that their text just can’t wait? Is their social network just dieing to hear the latest bit of trivial about their day? I would say no. The truth of the matter is that most people do not think they will cause a crash. A distracted driving crash happens to other people but not to them. However, it does. No one is immune. If you engage in dangerous and hazardous activities, you will eventually pay the price. You will cause a crash. The only question is who will you injure? Will you kill? Will it be you or someone else. An innocent person. A mom or a dad. A young child with his or her entire life ahead of them.

Think about the consequences of distracted and impaired driving. If you do it, STOP. If you do not, don’t start. Tell your friends and family not to do it. Promote safety. Help protect the innocent. 

If you have been the victim of a crash caused by someone who was texting while driving, talking on their cell phone, or who was drunk or under the influence of drugs, call Murphy & Murphy Law Offices.  We sue distracted and impaired drivers. It is the only way that this dangerous activity will be brought under control. The statistics show that state laws prohibiting talking on cell phones and driving and prohibiting texting while driving have been relatively ineffectual. People do it regardless of the law. Causing the violators to be held personally responsible in a court of law will be the only real deterrent. If you have been

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