Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash: “Can I get Crowd Funding for My Injuries?”

It was a beautiful fall day in Las Vegas. Sunny, clear and a nice temperature. For whatever reason, the lady driving the car did not see the motorcycle in the oncoming lane of traffic approaching the green light at the intersection. She started making a left hand turn. She turned directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle. At that point the collision was unavoidable. The motorcycle crashed into the side of the lady's car in the intersection. The lady was clearly at fault for causing this … [Read more...]

Can I Accept the Insurance Policy Limit and Still Sue the Driver who ran into Me?

A common question from people in Las Vegas car crashes is whether they can accept the at-fault driver's insurance policy limits and still sue the at-fault driver for more money. This question is usually raised when the at-fault driver's insurance is not enough to pay the medical bills, lost income, property damage and other damages. In Nevada, a driver is only required to have liability insurance of $15,000/30,000. That means that in a Nevada or Las Vegas car accident, the minimum amount of … [Read more...]

When is an Injured Person Entitled to the Medical Records of the At-Fault Driver in Nevada Injury Cases?

I received a call recently for a Las Vegas personal injury car accident case. The caller said something that I hear on a regular basis. The injured person said that she "suspected that the at-fault driver was on drugs and was impaired." There were reasons stated for the suspicion. However, the Las Vegas Metro police officer investigating the Las Vegas auto accident did not conduct any type of field sobriety tests and the at-fault driver who caused the Las Vegas car crash was not given any … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly May be Looking Out for You on TV, But How do You Know When a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer is Looking Out for You?

On TV you have probably heard Bill O'Reilly say his tag line "We are looking out for you." But how do you know if a Las Vegas accident injury lawyer is looking out for you? After all, isn't that what you really want, a Las Vegas injury lawyer who is really looking out for you? There are probably many ways to figure out of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer is really looking out for you or not. For me, one of the best ways is to look at what the attorney does and not what he or she says. You … [Read more...]

Is Craig Murphy, Esq. the Best Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney or is he Just Crazy?

Perhaps asking if I am the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer or just crazy is not the best headline for me to use to start an article. However, I believe that Murphy & Murphy Law Offices (and me) are the best choice of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for you. We will provide you with close personal attention that you will not receive from other firms. I can say that because we limit the number of cases that we take so that we can give the cases we do take unsurpassed attention. We are … [Read more...]

Shocking Defenses Used Against You in Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash Cases That You Must Know About.

You must have an experienced and skilled Las Vegas motorcycle crash attorney if you or a family member has been in a Las Vegas motorcycle accident. There is too much at risk for you to have an attorney who lacks experience or skill. An attorney or law firm that is too busy is not your best choice for your Las Vegas motorcycle case. You must have an attorney who is going to invest the time and attention to your case that is required for you to be successful. What most people do not realize is … [Read more...]

Not Every Storm is in The Forecast. Las Vegas Accident Injuries Strike When Least Expected.

It is true. We have a tendency to go from day to day expecting the best. In most cases, we do not expect a life-changing event. However, I have a law that often will arise when least expected or wanted. Yes, the dreaded "Murphy's Law." In a nutshell, Murphy's Law states: "if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong (at the worst possible time)." That is the way it seems to happen to a lot of people involved in Las Vegas traffic accidents. Everything seems to be going along well. You are working … [Read more...]

How to Find The Best Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash Attorney for Your Case. You Cannot Afford Anything Less

You must have the best Las Vegas motorcycle crash lawyer if you or a family member has been in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash. You have absolutely too much at stake and you cannot afford anything less than the best Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney fighting for you. You ask "How do I find the best Las Vegas motorcycle crash attorney?" If you really want to know, you cannot afford to ignore this information. It will only take you a couple of minutes, but it could make all of the difference in … [Read more...]

The Importance of Your Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

This morning I was thinking about the posts I put on this blog. I was questioning whether they are worth the time and effort. I questioned if anyone ever reads them. They take time and effort. If no one reads them, what is the use? My time could be used doing many other things. As things often turn out, I received a timely phone call that answered my questions. I received a call from a Las Vegas resident who read my post about the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) blood filters manufactured by Bard … [Read more...]

More Proof That Murphy & Murphy Law Offices is the Best Law Firm for Your Las Vegas Injury Case

Not all Las Vegas injury lawyers are the same. Not all Las Vegas injury law firms are the same. In fact, they are all different. That is no surprise. Call a couple of different Las Vegas injury lawyers or law firms and you will see (or hear) the differences right away. Or maybe you won't. Maybe you will find that there is virtually no difference. You will talk to a receptionist who transfers you to a call center or intake person. You do not get to talk to the lawyer you called to speak with. … [Read more...]

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