Lessons Shark Tank Can Teach Las Vegas Personal Injury Car Crash Plaintiffs

Do you watch Shark Tank on TV? Have you ever heard of or seen Shark Tank? If not, there are four entrepreneurs who evaluate people looking for investors in to their business. The entrepreneurs ask probing questions and evaluate the viability and value of the business. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs will bid to invest in the business in exchange for a percentage ownership in the business. If you have been injured in a Las Vegas car crash, you can learn valuable lessons from Shark Tank. First, … [Read more...]

Sad But True Insurance Adjuster Confession

Today I was negotiating a case with an insurance adjuster. The negotiations had been professional on my part and mostly so on the part of the insurance adjuster. However, every once in a while the adjuster would make "snarky" comments about Las Vegas personal injury lawyers and people injured in Las Vegas car crashes. My response was always to the effect that her comments did not apply to my client or to me. Finally as we reached the end of negotiations, the adjuster admitted that she paid more … [Read more...]

What Should You do if The Insurance Company is Spying on You

Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. responds to a recent call about a Las Vegas car crash. I received a call where I was asked what the caller should do because the insurance company was spying on her. That is an excellent question because you have to understand that the insurance companies do not want to pay for the injuries and damages caused by their negligent drivers. Instead, the insurance companies goals are to avoid paying you anything or at a minimum to pay you as … [Read more...]

You Have to Earn it? No, You Have to Prove it in a Las Vegas Personal Injury Case.

No one is going to just give you money, you know, "the money you deserve" just because you were in a Las Vegas car crash. Despite the rumors, just because you were in a Las Vegas car wreck, you do not automatically get a check. It just does not happen that way. Maybe years ago it was possible, but now, today, the insurance companies scrutinize every aspect of your injury claim before it pays out any money. In our system, the injured person bears the burden of proof. If the insurance company … [Read more...]

Prove It! Your Burden in a Las Vegas Car Crash Case

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer here. Today, we will discuss the burden of proof in a Las Vegas car crash case. That is why I say "prove it."  That is your burden of proof as the plaintiff in a Las Vegas car crash case. The extent of your burden of proof is "the preponderance of the evidence standard." That means, in essence, that your evidence has to be more likely than not. Your burden is to prove each and every necessary element that is required by law. If you … [Read more...]

How Facebook can Ruin Your Las Vegas Car Crash Case

Facebook. Do you use Facebook? Do your friends and family use Facebook? If you answered YES to either of these questions, Facebook could ruin your Las Vegas car crash case. Here is the deal. The insurance company lawyers scour Facebook and other social media sites to dig up anything that they can about you that they think they can use against you. When I say anything, I mean anything. It can be a photo that a friend or family member tagged with you in the photo. It could be you posting that you … [Read more...]

The Real Difference to You Between Uber and Taxis

There is a significant difference to you between a taxi driver and an Uber driver. Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. wants you to know the difference so that you can provide the best financial protection you can for your family. A taxi driver is always covered by the taxi company's insurance as long as the driver is not driving on some unauthorized trip that is way outside of the normal expectations of the company. That means that the taxi company's insurance covers the … [Read more...]

Why Riding Uber Puts You and Your Family at Risk

This is Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. I want to warn you about the risks to you and your family if you ride with Uber. Also, I want to warn you about you and your family's great risks, much greater risks, if you are not riding with Uber. Uber is a ride share company. People agree to drive other people to and from their destinations much like a taxi. The drivers use their personal vehicles. Uber gets paid a percentage of the cost of the transportation and the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Personal Injury: What is Better, a “Jack of all Trades” or a “One Trick Pony?”

When you have a Las Vegas personal injury case you can choose from many different Las Vegas lawyers. You have to ask yourself what kind of lawyer do you want working on your Las Vegas personal injury case. There are lawyers who handle just about every type of case or legal issue that walks through their door. This is the "Jack of all trades." Perhaps you have heard the saying: "Jack of all trades; master of none." Back in the circus days, there were circus ponies that could do tricks. There … [Read more...]

Why You Have to go to an Insurance Medical Exam in Your Las Vegas Injury Case

If you have a Las Vegas personal injury case, it is likely that the insurance company will request that you be examined by its doctor. The insurance companies call these examinations by doctors that the insurance companies hire and pay on a regular basis "independent medical examinations." However, the doctors and the examinations are not "independent." You and your lawyer have no input in picking the doctor except in extreme cases. Your Las Vegas personal injury attorney cannot talk to the … [Read more...]

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