Las Vegas Metro Police to Resume Investigating Las Vegas Auto Accidents

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Las Vegas metropolitan police department will resume investigating non-injury car accidents. See the article here: As a result, you should stay at the accident scene after a Las Vegas car crash.  Move your cars to safety if you can. For other information on what to do after an accident, call our office or check our website for a helpful list of what you … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

The other day someone asked me if I knew any lawyers in another state. I did not, but I said that I would make a couple of inquiries to see if I could help find a qualified lawyer. What I found out was that almost all layer websites look the same. Almost all of the lawyer websites said the same things. Almost all of the lawyer websites did not provide very much useful information. Instead, all of the websites said "we are great," "we are aggressive," "free consultation," "no fee unless you win," … [Read more...]

Why You Must Hire an Experienced Las Vegas Motorcycle Attorney

It is going to rain today. I know that is a bold prediction, but from all of the reports it will probably be correct. If you ride a motorcycle, you would be wise to leave it at home and drive in a car or pick-up truck. If you drive your motorcycle in Las Vegas today, you must be extra careful. It is dangerous on the Las Vegas roads for motorcycles on a regular day. When you throw rain into the mix, the rate of accidents for motorcycles increases. The fact is that when motorcycles are involved … [Read more...]

Best Las Vegas Motorcycle Safety Tips

It is that time of year when the really hot, always over 100 degree, weather is getting over. With the more comfortable weather, you may be ready to get your motorcycle back out on the road in Las Vegas. It is always a good idea to review basic safety tips before going back out on the road in Las Vegas on your motorcycle. After all, the best advice I can give Las Vegas motorcycle riders is advice that will help them avoid being in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash so that no one needs a Las Vegas … [Read more...]

Am I too Harsh in Trying to Protect Innocent People from Las Vegas Drunk Drivers?

Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices in Las Vegas sues drunk drivers. Las Vegas drunk drivers beware: I will sue you if you injure innocent people. I do not care what you do in private. Do not take your drunken self out on the road a put innocent people in Las Vegas at risk of injury and death. That was a public question posed on national legal question and answer service. The person wanted to know if he would get in trouble because the judge told him after two felony DUIs … [Read more...]

Four Dead, Many Injured in “Duck Boat” Car Crash. What Can We Learn?

Many of you may have heard the tragic news about the deadly "duck boat" crash that left four dead and many others injured. According to reports from the scene, the "duck boat" vehicle crossed numerous lanes of traffic into the oncoming lanes of traffic and crashed into a tour bus of international students. What can we learn in Las Vegas from this accident? Traffic in Las Vegas is busy. People drive fast and often appear to be in a hurry. Many drivers seem to think that the traffic laws do not … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving Kills and Injures. Bus Driver Causes Chain Reaction Crash While Eating a Burrito.

For years I have been writing and warning that distracted driving kills and injures innocent people. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices, a Las Vegas personal injury law firm, accepts cases against distracted and impaired drivers. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices sues distracted drivers and impaired drivers who cause car crashes and injure innocent people. Recently there have been a series of TV ads about the dangers of distracted driving. Despite the potentially deadly results of distracted and … [Read more...]

Three Reasons why Attorneys Refer Their Las Vegas Injury Cases To Murphy & Murphy Law Offices

Murphy & Murphy Law Offices accepts referrals of Las Vegas injury cases from attorneys across the country. Why do lawyers nationwide choose Murphy & Murphy Law Offices as their referral source for Las Vegas injury cases? There are lots of Las Vegas injury lawyers and out-of-state lawyers have lots of choices. Yet Murphy & Murphy Law Offices consistently receives referrals of Las Vegas injury cases from other lawyers. It was late on a Friday afternoon. A call came into the office … [Read more...]

The First Step to Hiring the Best Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

If you are reading this post, you are probably trying to hire the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for your case. Like most people, you want the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for your case. Also, like most people, you have never hired a lawyer before and you do not know how to find the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for your case. As a result, many people just call the first lawyer whose ad they see on TV. Other people take active steps to investigate and look for the best … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Injury Attorneys: Can You Talk to Them?

Can you talk to Las Vegas injury attorneys? It sounds like a silly question, but it isn't. I received a call from a potential client who was represented by another attorney. The potential client wanted to switch attorneys. I asked why the potential client wanted to hire a new Las Vegas injury attorney. The client said that he could not talk to his current lawyer. Again, I asked the client why he could not talk to his lawyer. The client said that the office said he could only talk to the case … [Read more...]

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