What Happens When The Person Who Hit me in a Las Vegas Car Crash Does Not Have Enough Insurance?

I received a call from a person who was involved in a recent Las Vegas car crash. He sustained mostly soft tissue injuries. He was taken to the hospital from the scene of the car crash and examined at the hospital. Due to the report from the ambulance, the trauma unit was activated at the hospital. The hospital did not find any broken bones or dangerous internal injuries. The caller had what most people call "whiplash." As a result of the significant whiplash, the caller had a number of … [Read more...]

Find The Best Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney, Bar None

Have you seen the TV commercials for the insurance company where a man says he was driving his new truck one moment and the next moment "BAM" from out of nowhere he was hit? That is often how it happens. You are driving safely and following the rules of the road. All of a sudden,from out of nowhere, without warning, "BAM" someone hits you. Everything changes at that point. You do not know it, but at that moment, in an instant you are thrown into a world you have never experienced before. Your … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash: “Can I get Crowd Funding for My Injuries?”

It was a beautiful fall day in Las Vegas. Sunny, clear and a nice temperature. For whatever reason, the lady driving the car did not see the motorcycle in the oncoming lane of traffic approaching the green light at the intersection. She started making a left hand turn. She turned directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle. At that point the collision was unavoidable. The motorcycle crashed into the side of the lady's car in the intersection. The lady was clearly at fault for causing this … [Read more...]

Can I Accept the Insurance Policy Limit and Still Sue the Driver who ran into Me?

A common question from people in Las Vegas car crashes is whether they can accept the at-fault driver's insurance policy limits and still sue the at-fault driver for more money. This question is usually raised when the at-fault driver's insurance is not enough to pay the medical bills, lost income, property damage and other damages. In Nevada, a driver is only required to have liability insurance of $15,000/30,000. That means that in a Nevada or Las Vegas car accident, the minimum amount of … [Read more...]

How to Find The Best Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash Attorney for Your Case. You Cannot Afford Anything Less

You must have the best Las Vegas motorcycle crash lawyer if you or a family member has been in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash. You have absolutely too much at stake and you cannot afford anything less than the best Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney fighting for you. You ask "How do I find the best Las Vegas motorcycle crash attorney?" If you really want to know, you cannot afford to ignore this information. It will only take you a couple of minutes, but it could make all of the difference in … [Read more...]

More Proof That Murphy & Murphy Law Offices is the Best Law Firm for Your Las Vegas Injury Case

Not all Las Vegas injury lawyers are the same. Not all Las Vegas injury law firms are the same. In fact, they are all different. That is no surprise. Call a couple of different Las Vegas injury lawyers or law firms and you will see (or hear) the differences right away. Or maybe you won't. Maybe you will find that there is virtually no difference. You will talk to a receptionist who transfers you to a call center or intake person. You do not get to talk to the lawyer you called to speak with. … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy: Is This a Moment of Truth?

A "moment of truth" is a critical or decisive time upon which much depends. For those injured by someone's negligence, the moment of truth often is the realization that they will never be the same as they were before they were injured. Personal injury victims find that their pain will never go away. They find that their bodies will never work the way that they worked before they were injured. Personal injury victims find that they are not able to return to their jobs and do the work that they … [Read more...]

Can You Believe the Headline: “Aunt Loses Case Against Hugging Boy”?

The headline reads that an aunt lost her case against a boy who was giving her a hug. Who in their right mind would sue a boy for hugging her? What an outrageous person. What a frivolous case. What an outrage. Is it just another example of the lawsuit crazies who are trying to take advantage of our legal system? Is it a sign that greedy lawyers have once again run a muck? As you know from my last post, this is exactly what I expected. The headline really misstates what happened. The … [Read more...]

Las Vegas: Are you as Sick of Frivolous Lawsuits as I am? Many are Due to Frivolous Insurance Defenses!

Las Vegas, let's get this clear. Frivolous lawsuits hurt everybody. Frivolous lawsuits especially hurt people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of someone else. That is people who have been seriously hurt due to no fault of their own. The reason that seriously injured people are hurt by frivolous lawsuits is because everyone thinks that they are just out to get some money. Not just any money, but ill-gotten gains. You know what I am talking about: money for nothing. A free ride. … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

The other day someone asked me if I knew any lawyers in another state. I did not, but I said that I would make a couple of inquiries to see if I could help find a qualified lawyer. What I found out was that almost all layer websites look the same. Almost all of the lawyer websites said the same things. Almost all of the lawyer websites did not provide very much useful information. Instead, all of the websites said "we are great," "we are aggressive," "free consultation," "no fee unless you win," … [Read more...]

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