Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents Require The Right Lawyer

Las Vegas Trial Attorney, Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices advises that victims of Las Vegas motorcycle accidents require a lawyer who is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in handling Las Vegas motorcycle accident cases. Motorcycle accidents usually involve extensive and serious injuries, very large medical bills and the possibility of a lifetime of additional medical care and treatment. The issues are complex.  Insurance companies look for every excuse to deny or limit … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Drivers: Follow Basic Safety Rules and Traffic Laws and Avoid Accidents and Injuries Says Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq.

In sports, coaches stress that the players know and follow the basics of the sport. Knowing and utilizing the fundamentals is key to success. The same is true for traffic safety in Las Vegas. If you are a Las Vegas driver, follow the basic safety rules and the fundamentals of traffic laws and the rules of the road. If you follow the basic safety rules and the fundamentals of the traffic laws and the rules of the road, you will reduce the chances that you will be involved in a Las Vegas traffic … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Pedestrian vs. Car Accidents a Consistent Problem

According to Las Vegas accident/injury lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents are a constant problem. There are a number of reasons. There is a persistent problem of pedestrians who cross in the middle of Las Vegas roads. Commonly known as “Jaywalkers.” People get off of a bus and do not walk to the cross walk. Instead, they cross right where they got off the bus. Drivers in Las Vegas are in a hurry. They do not pay close attention. There is an epidemic of … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Drunk Drivers: WARNING Murphy & Murphy Law Offices Sues Drunk and Impaired Drivers

Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices was Las Vegas drunk and impaired drivers that Murphy & Murphy Law Offices will sue you if you injure innocent people while you are driving in Las Vegas. This past week a drunk driver in his 20’s crashed into a pick-up truck killing the two people in the pick-up truck. Shockingly, the drunk driver had a drunk driving conviction from the year before the crash. The drunk driver obviously never learned anything from his conviction. I do not … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer and Accident Trial Attorney, says You Must Keep Traffic Safety Rules in Mind at All Times

If you are in a Las Vegas traffic accident, one of the first and most important things you must do is make sure everybody involved in the Las Vegas traffic accident is safe. Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices in Las Vegas has instructions about what to do if you are involved in a Las Vegas traffic accident on the Murphy & Murphy Law Offices website at As you will see from the list, one of the first things to do is to make sure that everyone is safe. A … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq.: Las Vegas Motorcycle and Scooter Traffic Accident Warning

Riding a motorcycle or scooter in Las Vegas can be dangerous and deadly. As a number of my recent blogs have documented, there are daily Las Vegas injury traffic accidents. If the Las Vegas traffic accidents involve motorcycles or scooters, the motorcycle of scooter rider is the one who is more severely injured. A recent Las Vegas scooter accident is a case in point. A 20-year-old man died after his scooter collided with a pickup truck. The pickup truck made a left hand turn in front of the … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Las Vegas Motorcycle and Traffic Accident Injury Lawyer: Two More Tragic Las Vegas Traffic Accident Deaths

Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices reports two more Las Vegas traffic accident deaths. The deaths resulted from separate Las Vegas traffic accidents. The first death was a pedestrian vs. car accident. A pedestrian was attempting to cross Interstate 15 early in the morning hours and was hit by a car. The second Las Vegas traffic accident death was the result of a motorcycle vs. SUV accident. In this Las Vegas motorcycle accident, a 17 year-old driver/rider of a motorcycle ran … [Read more...]

Lawsuit Claims Las Vegas Bus Stops are Dangerous. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices holds reckless, negligent and drunk Las Vegas drivers responsible.

After a truck crashed into a Las Vegas bus stop last week where three children who were waiting for the bus to go to school were critically injured, a lawsuit has been filed claiming that Las Vegas bus stops are dangerous and that they do not comply with federal law. The lawsuit is against the Regional Transportation Commission and other parties. From various reports it appears that there are at least some 1,100 or so bus stops in Clark County. Of those, about 600 are claimed to be too close to … [Read more...]

Another Terrible Las Vegas Bus Stop Accident

As I was watching the morning news program the traffic report showed that a truck had ran into a bus stop. It was not known at the time how many people were involved and injured. It was not known if there were children that were hurt at the Las Vegas bus stop crash. What was known at the time is that the road had been shut down and that a number of police officers were investigating the Las Vegas bus stop accident. This morning’s Las Vegas bus stop accident is one year from a bus stop … [Read more...]

Another Serious Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash

Yesterday as I was watching a morning Las Vegas news program, they had the weather and traffic segment. In the traffic segment, the station showed a live view from its traffic helicopter. The traffic helicopter showed a Las Vegas traffic accident between a motorcycle and a SUV. The motorcycle was lying on its side in the middle of the intersection. The SUV was pulled over to the side of the road. An ambulance was on the scene. More than likely the driver of the motorcycle had to be taken to the … [Read more...]

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