Craig Murphy, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices Obtain Third Highest Injury Jury Verdict in Nevada.

I was researching jury verdicts rendered in Nevada to determine if there are any trends regarding jury verdicts over the past few years.  In conducting my research, I discovered that in 2008 Murphy & Murphy Law Offices received the third highest jury verdict rendered in a personal injury case in Nevada.  Craig Murphy, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices take a great deal of pride in having obtained the third highest jury verdict in Nevada in 2008.  The Las Vegas personal injury … [Read more...]

Shocking News. Laws Making it Illegal to Drive and Text Increase Number of Accidents!


A recent study shows that in states that have laws making illegal to text a drive the accident rate from distracted drivers texting while driving has increased. Most people expect that accident rate would go down. Afterall, once the laws was passed large numbers of people would stop texting while driving. Those who continue to text while driving would be caught and arrested or at least given a ticket. That would cause the number of people who text while driving to go down and the roads would be … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving Kills. Now You Know So Don’t Do It.


I have continually written about the risks and dangers of distracted driving and impaired driving. I wrote a lengthy article about the death of Dr. Frank Ryan, a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon, who crashed his Jeep over a cliff because he was sending a text about his dog. Yet people continue to text and drive. I saw a man texting and driving this morning on my way into the office. The National Highway Safety Administration released its data regarding distracted driving crashes across the … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need to Know a Good Personal Injury Attorney if You Live in Las Vegas? Las Vegas is Full of Bad Drivers Who Crash a Lot, That’s Why.


Everyone in Las Vegas comments about how bad our drivers are. You have probably complained a time or two. I have had the opportunity to hear many people tell me about their experiences with bad Las Vegas drivers. Often the stories include terrible results with life-long injuries. But are drivers in Las Vegas really that bad? Yes, Las Vegas drivers are really that bad. According to a survey compiled by Allstate Insurance, Las Vegas drivers are 21% more likely to have a car crash than the … [Read more...]

Don’t Text and Drive. Texting While Driving Leads to Death of Famous Plastic Surgeon. Do Not Become a Victim of Texting While Driving.


For months and months Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices has been warning people not to text and drive. Even Oprah Winfrey has taken on the cause by making a number of public information commercials warning of the dangers and tragic results of texting while driving.  Now we have another example. Hopefully it will cause people to stop and consider the dire consequences of texting and driving. On August 17, 2010 Dr. Frank Ryan, a … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Drunk Driving, Impaired Driving and Distracted Driving Can Ruin Your Life. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices Sues Drunk Drivers, Impaired Drivers and Distracted Drivers.


Why do Las Vegas accident attorneys and injury trial lawyers at Murphy & Murphy Law Offices continually warn drunk drivers, impaired drivers and distracted drivers to stop driving? We hope that one or more will take a moment, think about what they are going to do and decide not to drive. If only one person follows our warning, it could mean one accident that does not happen in Las Vegas. Why do we sue drunk drivers, impaired drivers and distracted drivers? Because so many people refuse to … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Accident Attorney and Injury Trial Lawyer Tips: Murphy & Murphy Law Offices Sues Drunk and Impaired Drivers. Wrongful Death can Happen at Any Time in Las Vegas


Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer, Craig Murphy, here again with more practical tips to help keep you and your family safe and accident and injury free. The sad truth is that the streets and roadways in Las Vegas are not safe. Accidents can happen at any time or at any place. While always being aware of your surroundings and paying attention to traffic conditions and other drivers in Las Vegas can increase your safety and reduce your chances of being involved in a Las Vegas … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Accident Attorney and Injury Trial Lawyer Tips: Always Ask for a Lawyer’s Experience and Track Record


Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy here with more practical tips for someone needing to hire a Las Vegas accident and injury lawyer. I recently came across a press release posted on the Internet by a Las Vegas attorney. The Las Vegas attorney's press release made a number of statements that I found somewhat hard to believe. The Las Vegas attorney claimed to be "the most respected accident attorney" in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. That is a pretty big claim. It … [Read more...]

Personal Responsibility: It Is Time To Accept It!

las vegas attorney

Craig Murphy, "Las Vegas accident lawyer and injury trial attorney" here. Today I ask, why won't people accept personal responsibility these days? I see it all the time. Someone crashes into a car and causes significant injuries and damages. Does the negligent driver accept responsibility for causing the crash? Most times no! They turn it over to their insurance company and the insurance adjuster refuses to even pay the medical expenses the injured person has had to pay. The insurance adjuster … [Read more...]

Will You be The Next Victim of Tort Reform?


Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy asks whether you will be the next victim of tort reform. That question presupposes that tort reform causes harm and that it has victims. But isn't tort reform supposed to protect us all? No is the simple answer to that question. Tort reform quite simply is an initiative by big businesses to protect their profits at the expense of the little guys, you and me. How can that be you ask? Tort reform seeks as its goal to take your rights … [Read more...]

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