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The tough Las Vegas economy has affected everyone.  The media across the country continues to document Las Vegas as the epicenter of the housing bubble crash.  Las Vegas had the highest home foreclosure rate in the country last year.  For the past four years Las Vegas has lead the nation in home foreclosures and it is expected to lead the country again this year.  In fact, it is expected that there will be more home foreclosures this year than in any of the past four years.  There does not seem … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices Obtain Fourth Largest Injury Verdict in Nevada.

The new year (2011) is here.  It is hard to believe that 2010 passed so quickly.  2010 was a busy year for the Las Vegas personal injury law firm of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices.  Craig Murphy, Esq. and Richard Johnson, Esq. took four cases to trial in 2010.  Craig Murphy, Esq., Richard Johnson, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices obtained the fourth highest jury verdict rendered in 2010 in a Nevada personal injury case.  The verdict was the second top five Nevada personal injury … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices Obtain Third Highest Injury Jury Verdict in Nevada.

I was researching jury verdicts rendered in Nevada to determine if there are any trends regarding jury verdicts over the past few years.  In conducting my research, I discovered that in 2008 Murphy & Murphy Law Offices received the third highest jury verdict rendered in a personal injury case in Nevada.  Craig Murphy, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices take a great deal of pride in having obtained the third highest jury verdict in Nevada in 2008.  The Las Vegas personal injury … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Accident Attorney and Injury Trial Lawyer Tips: Always Ask for a Lawyer’s Experience and Track Record


Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy here with more practical tips for someone needing to hire a Las Vegas accident and injury lawyer. I recently came across a press release posted on the Internet by a Las Vegas attorney. The Las Vegas attorney's press release made a number of statements that I found somewhat hard to believe. The Las Vegas attorney claimed to be "the most respected accident attorney" in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. That is a pretty big claim. It … [Read more...]

Will You be The Next Victim of Tort Reform?


Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy asks whether you will be the next victim of tort reform. That question presupposes that tort reform causes harm and that it has victims. But isn't tort reform supposed to protect us all? No is the simple answer to that question. Tort reform quite simply is an initiative by big businesses to protect their profits at the expense of the little guys, you and me. How can that be you ask? Tort reform seeks as its goal to take your rights … [Read more...]

Corporate Irresponsibility Taken to New Heights. Are You Going to be The Next Victim?

injury attorney las vegas

We are entering an era where corporate irresponsibility will be taken to new heights.  As Emeril says "to notches previously unknown." How can this happen? The thought that has been superimposed upon the general public is that businesses are failing because of frivolous lawsuits. Frivolous lawsuits are ruining the country. Unfortunately, that translates into the belief that all lawsuits are frivolous. There is a distrust of anyone who brings a lawsuit for injuries and damages these days. The … [Read more...]

Are You a Victim of Insurance Bad Faith?


Are you a victim of insurance bad faith? How would you know or find out? First you must know what "insurance bad faith" is in Nevada. "Insurance bad faith" is defined by law. Some states have statutes or laws that define and govern what constitutes "insurance bad faith." Other states, such as Nevada, do not have statutes or laws that define what constitutes "insurance bad faith." Instead, case law has developed that establishes what practices, actions, and failures by an insurance company … [Read more...]

“Las Vegas Injury Lawyer” tips: Do you know what your insurance policy says? It could cost you if you don’t.

"Las Vegas injury lawyer" and "trial attorney", Craig Murphy here with important tips for you to consider. What your insurance policy says or does not say could end up costing you a lot of money. Many companies are now placing very strict restrictions and exemptions into the language of their insurance policies. The restrictions and exclusions often run contrary to the type of insurance coverage being purchased. The restrictions and exclusions narrow the coverage to such extents that the … [Read more...]

Insurance Companies and Giant Corporations up to Their Old Tricks


By now everyone should be aware of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill is going to affect the people, environment and animals of the Gulf Coast for years to come. Many people will have their livelihoods affected or lost as a result. In light of the oncoming oils spill, British Petroleum held a "town hall" meeting supposedly to give public information. Most residents thought the "town hall" meeting was to inform them of what to expect and what British Petroleum was going to do. … [Read more...]

“Las Vegas Insurance Bad Faith” What Does It Mean?

"Insurance bad faith" what does it really mean? "Insurance bad faith" happens when an insurance company fails to meet its contractual obligation to you, its insured. However, just failing to meet its obligations in your or my opinion does not in and of itself constitute "insurance bad faith." More is required. Nevada law is specific about what is required to establish an insurance company has acted in bad faith or committed bad faith in its practices relating to your claim. Before getting to the … [Read more...]

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