Two Critically Injured in Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash

Las Vegas, Nevada. September 13, 2013. Two critically injured in a motorcycle crash. That is the headline of a recent newspaper article. At about 8:45 a.m., a motorcycle ran into a school bus full of children. The motorcycle turned left and ran into the school bus. Approximately 60 students were on the school bus. None of the children were reportedly injured. However, the motorcycle driver and motorcycle passenger were both critically injured and they had to be airlifted to UMC Hospital via … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Medical Malpractice: What are Doctors Really Doing During Your Surgery Part 3

Recently I reported to you about some outrageous things that have happened during surgery. Clearly things are happening during surgery that should not be happening or taking place. For example, decorating a patient’s face with a taped on moustache and tears and then taking pictures of the patient. By the way, the patient who was having surgery was unconscious under general anesthesia. Likewise, in another surgery, a medical device salesman who was in the operating room who took pictures of a … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. asks “What are the Doctors Really Doing During Your Surgery?” Part Two

In a recent post, I informed you about anesthesiologist who taped a black moustache and tears on a patient’s face while she was unconscious under general anesthesia during her surgery. A surgical nurse took pictures of the patient’s decorated face. I said that the actions of the surgical team were a betrayal of the trust and confidence the patient placed into the hands of her doctors, nurses and the hospital. Don’t you agree? It was discovered in depositions in that case that a medical device … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. asks “What are the Doctors Really Doing During Your Surgery?”

Surgery is a very serious matter, at least it is to you and your family. It should be to your doctors and hospital personnel involved in your surgery too. After all, before you have surgery, you must sign a consent form that tells you that all kinds of bad things can happen to you during surgery. You can even die. The doctors tell you this so they can say they told you and if anything bad happens, you knew it and went forward with the surgery. As a result of signing the informed consent, they … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Motorcycle Injury Trial Attorney: Alarming Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Deaths

As I was reading the newspaper on September 4, 2013, there was a small article stating that a man had been killed in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash on September 3, 2013. There were no details about the facts of the specific Las Vegas motorcycle accident that caused the death of the Las Vegas motorcycle rider. The September 4, 2013 death in that Las Vegas motorcycle accident is the third death of a motorcycle rider in Las Vegas since September 27, 2013 of which I am aware. That is three Las … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Injury Lawyer and Accident Trial Attorney Craig Murphy, Esq.: There must be consequences to risky and dangerous driving in Las Vegas

I recently read an editorial to the local newspaper. The editorial opined that in Las Vegas there are no consequences for risky and dangerous driving that puts everyone on the road at risk of being seriously injured or killed. As my wife Stacie says, you can do stuff to put your life at risk as long as it does not put our family or everyone else at risk of harm too. In other words, go ahead and get intoxicated, but stay home and do not drive. Stay home and text all you want. Do not text and … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer and Accident Trial Attorney Craig Murphy, Esq. Explains why a Close Relationship with Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer is so Important

As those of you who have visited the Murphy & Murphy Law Offices web site know, I stress that one of the advantages of a small firm like Murphy & Murphy Law Offices is that you have a close personal relationship with me. If you are a Murphy & Murphy Law Offices client, you and I will know each other on a face-to-face, first name basis. If you have a question, you can call and I will talk with you and answer your question. If you want to meet in person, we will meet in … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Update from Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Attorney Craig Murphy, Esq.: Hospital Patients Exposed to Fatal Brain Disease from Surgery Equipment

According to reports from various news agencies, New Hampshire hospital patients were exposed to a potentially fatal and incurable brain disease from contaminated surgical equipment. Eight patients were notified of the potential fatal brain disease by the New Hampshire hospital involved. The contaminated surgical equipment was reportedly owned by Medtronic. In addition to the potential expose of the eight New Hampshire patients to the fatal brain disease, the possibility exists that at least … [Read more...]

According to Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Injury Lawyer and Accident Trial Attorney, Lawyers Step up and Help Las Vegas in Many Ways

There is always some negative news about lawyers that you hear. If not, then there are always all of those TV commercials running about Las Vegas personal injury lawyers. I mean you cannot get away from them can you? Do all those TV commercials from the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers make you feel good about attorneys? Lawyer jokes. Those are always good for a laugh, probably because there is a bit of truth in them. Here is some good news about lawyers. Don’t we all like a little good news … [Read more...]

Doctor in drug arrest sued for causing patient’s death. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices looking for additional witnesses.

Doctor in drug arrest sued for causing patient's death. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices has sued Dr. Henri Wetselaar in the Eighth Judicial District Court, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada for the wrongful death of Danny White.  After an investigation a Federal Grand Jury issued an indictment against Dr. Henri Wetselaar.  Wetselaar was charged with as many as 18 counts of various crimes relating to his alleged involvement in operating an illegal "pill mill."  Murphy & Murphy Law Offices in … [Read more...]

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