Lawsuit Claims Las Vegas Bus Stops are Dangerous. Murphy & Murphy Law Offices holds reckless, negligent and drunk Las Vegas drivers responsible.

After a truck crashed into a Las Vegas bus stop last week where three children who were waiting for the bus to go to school were critically injured, a lawsuit has been filed claiming that Las Vegas bus stops are dangerous and that they do not comply with federal law. The lawsuit is against the Regional Transportation Commission and other parties. From various reports it appears that there are at least some 1,100 or so bus stops in Clark County. Of those, about 600 are claimed to be too close to … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Attorney Asks: Are You Safe in the Hospital? Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Case Reportedly Settles Where Patient Sexually Assaulted and Raped.

Las Vegas medical malpractice attorney Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices asks if you think you are safe when you are a patient in a hospital. Recently Craig Murphy, Esq. has informed you about medical malpractice cases where doctors taped a moustache and tears on a patient’s face while she was unconscious under anesthesia and a surgical nurse took pictures, and where a medical device salesman took pictures of a patient who was unconscious under anesthesia while the patient … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer and Trail Attorney Asks: “Has There Been a Recent Plague of Serious Traffic Accidents?”

Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices in Las Vegas asks if there has been a recent plague of serious traffic accidents. Just last week there was a traffic accident between two pick-up trucks. One of the trucks spun out of control and hit a bus stop where a man and his three children were waiting for the morning school bus. The three children were hit and seriously injured. No further reports have been made at this time. The bus stop was not in compliance with new county bus stop … [Read more...]

Another Terrible Las Vegas Bus Stop Accident

As I was watching the morning news program the traffic report showed that a truck had ran into a bus stop. It was not known at the time how many people were involved and injured. It was not known if there were children that were hurt at the Las Vegas bus stop crash. What was known at the time is that the road had been shut down and that a number of police officers were investigating the Las Vegas bus stop accident. This morning’s Las Vegas bus stop accident is one year from a bus stop … [Read more...]

Another Serious Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash

Yesterday as I was watching a morning Las Vegas news program, they had the weather and traffic segment. In the traffic segment, the station showed a live view from its traffic helicopter. The traffic helicopter showed a Las Vegas traffic accident between a motorcycle and a SUV. The motorcycle was lying on its side in the middle of the intersection. The SUV was pulled over to the side of the road. An ambulance was on the scene. More than likely the driver of the motorcycle had to be taken to the … [Read more...]

Two Critically Injured in Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash

Las Vegas, Nevada. September 13, 2013. Two critically injured in a motorcycle crash. That is the headline of a recent newspaper article. At about 8:45 a.m., a motorcycle ran into a school bus full of children. The motorcycle turned left and ran into the school bus. Approximately 60 students were on the school bus. None of the children were reportedly injured. However, the motorcycle driver and motorcycle passenger were both critically injured and they had to be airlifted to UMC Hospital via … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Medical Malpractice: What are Doctors Really Doing During Your Surgery Part 3

Recently I reported to you about some outrageous things that have happened during surgery. Clearly things are happening during surgery that should not be happening or taking place. For example, decorating a patient’s face with a taped on moustache and tears and then taking pictures of the patient. By the way, the patient who was having surgery was unconscious under general anesthesia. Likewise, in another surgery, a medical device salesman who was in the operating room who took pictures of a … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. asks “What are the Doctors Really Doing During Your Surgery?” Part Two

In a recent post, I informed you about anesthesiologist who taped a black moustache and tears on a patient’s face while she was unconscious under general anesthesia during her surgery. A surgical nurse took pictures of the patient’s decorated face. I said that the actions of the surgical team were a betrayal of the trust and confidence the patient placed into the hands of her doctors, nurses and the hospital. Don’t you agree? It was discovered in depositions in that case that a medical device … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. asks “What are the Doctors Really Doing During Your Surgery?”

Surgery is a very serious matter, at least it is to you and your family. It should be to your doctors and hospital personnel involved in your surgery too. After all, before you have surgery, you must sign a consent form that tells you that all kinds of bad things can happen to you during surgery. You can even die. The doctors tell you this so they can say they told you and if anything bad happens, you knew it and went forward with the surgery. As a result of signing the informed consent, they … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq. Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Motorcycle Injury Trial Attorney: Alarming Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Deaths

As I was reading the newspaper on September 4, 2013, there was a small article stating that a man had been killed in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash on September 3, 2013. There were no details about the facts of the specific Las Vegas motorcycle accident that caused the death of the Las Vegas motorcycle rider. The September 4, 2013 death in that Las Vegas motorcycle accident is the third death of a motorcycle rider in Las Vegas since September 27, 2013 of which I am aware. That is three Las … [Read more...]

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