Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash: “Can I get Crowd Funding for My Injuries?”

It was a beautiful fall day in Las Vegas. Sunny, clear and a nice temperature. For whatever reason, the lady driving the car did not see the motorcycle in the oncoming lane of traffic approaching the green light at the intersection. She started making a left hand turn. She turned directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle. At that point the collision was unavoidable. The motorcycle crashed into the side of the lady's car in the intersection. The lady was clearly at fault for causing this … [Read more...]

Can I Accept the Insurance Policy Limit and Still Sue the Driver who ran into Me?

A common question from people in Las Vegas car crashes is whether they can accept the at-fault driver's insurance policy limits and still sue the at-fault driver for more money. This question is usually raised when the at-fault driver's insurance is not enough to pay the medical bills, lost income, property damage and other damages. In Nevada, a driver is only required to have liability insurance of $15,000/30,000. That means that in a Nevada or Las Vegas car accident, the minimum amount of … [Read more...]

When is an Injury at a Las Vegas Hospital due to Negligence and not Medical Malpractice?

I have received numerous calls from people who have been injured at Las Vegas hospitals. The calls involve falls at Las Vegas hospitals. The question is always: "Is this a negligence case or is it medical malpractice?" The answer depends upon the facts and your allegations of negligence. In most instances, a case involving a Las Vegas hospital will usually fall under the protections given to hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers under the Nevada medical malpractice laws. If you are in a … [Read more...]

Cryotherapy Death in Las Vegas Leads to New Guidelines in Nevada

I previously posted about the cryotherapy death of a cryotherapy spa worker. The worker used the cryotherapy chamber on herself. The next morning she was found and it was determined that she died from asphyxia. Cryotherapy is where one enters a cryotherapy machine where the person is exposed to super low temperatures. The cryothearapy is supposed to relieve pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy is gaining popularity because many athletes and high profile people use it. Athletes use cryotherapy … [Read more...]

When is an Injured Person Entitled to the Medical Records of the At-Fault Driver in Nevada Injury Cases?

I received a call recently for a Las Vegas personal injury car accident case. The caller said something that I hear on a regular basis. The injured person said that she "suspected that the at-fault driver was on drugs and was impaired." There were reasons stated for the suspicion. However, the Las Vegas Metro police officer investigating the Las Vegas auto accident did not conduct any type of field sobriety tests and the at-fault driver who caused the Las Vegas car crash was not given any … [Read more...]

Would you Want a Doctor who had Been Drinking Operating on You?

The case of Tate v. The State of Nevada Board of Medical Examiners, 131 Nev. Adv. Op. 67 (2015) is very interesting. It is not necessarily interesting because of the legal issues raised in the case. Instead, it is interesting because of the underlying facts of the case. In February 2010, Dr. James Tate, Jr. came to Valley Hospital to perform a surgery scheduled for 4:00 p.m. According to the case, as Tate was preparing for surgery, members of the surgical team thought Tate smelled of alcohol! … [Read more...]

When Can a Nevada Employer be Liable for its Employee’s Intentional Act?

I recently had a question asking when and under what circumstances an employer in Nevada can be held responsible for the intentional acts of one of the Nevada employer's employees. Usually a Nevada employer is not held responsible for the intentional acts of its employee that are outside of the employee's scope of employment. However, under specific provisions of Nevada law, an employer can be held responsible for the intentional acts of its employee. Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) "41.745(1)(c) … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly May be Looking Out for You on TV, But How do You Know When a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer is Looking Out for You?

On TV you have probably heard Bill O'Reilly say his tag line "We are looking out for you." But how do you know if a Las Vegas accident injury lawyer is looking out for you? After all, isn't that what you really want, a Las Vegas injury lawyer who is really looking out for you? There are probably many ways to figure out of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer is really looking out for you or not. For me, one of the best ways is to look at what the attorney does and not what he or she says. You … [Read more...]

Is Craig Murphy, Esq. the Best Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney or is he Just Crazy?

Perhaps asking if I am the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyer or just crazy is not the best headline for me to use to start an article. However, I believe that Murphy & Murphy Law Offices (and me) are the best choice of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for you. We will provide you with close personal attention that you will not receive from other firms. I can say that because we limit the number of cases that we take so that we can give the cases we do take unsurpassed attention. We are … [Read more...]

How Injury Lawyers are on the Front Lines Protecting Your Rights

Most of the time you probably do not think about Las Vegas personal injury lawyers protecting your rights. In fact, I am willing to bet that if you think about lawyers at all, most of the time it is due to a joke or some propaganda telling you that the lawyers are messing up the entire country. I know because I have been told all the jokes and I hear all of the business executives and doctors complaining about lawyers and lawsuits. Their complaints are never explained or backed up with facts. … [Read more...]

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