Hiring the Wrong Las Vegas Injury Lawyer will Harm Your Case and will Cost You

I have been writing about how you can hire the best Las Vegas injury lawyer for your case. Make no mistake, hiring the wrong lawyer will harm your case and cost you in the long run. You must spend some time to make sure you hire the best lawyer for you and your case. Do not, I repeat, do not hire the first lawyer someone tells you to hire. Do your homework and check into the attorney before you hire him or her. If you do not check out the attorney, it could be a very costly mistake for … [Read more...]

Why Craig Murphy, Esq. is the Best Las Vegas Injury Lawyer for Your Case

It is a bold statement to say that Craig Murphy, Esq. is the best Las Vegas injury lawyer for your case. Bold as that statement may be, Craig Murphy, Esq. believes it to be true. In a previous post, Craig Murphy, Esq. told you the number one best way to find the best Las Vegas injury lawyer for your case. That one best way was very easy, simple and direct: Call! That is it. Talk to lawyers and find out who is best suited for your case. If your questions are not answered, if you do not get to … [Read more...]

The Number One Way to Find the Best Las Vegas Injury Lawyer for Your Case.

Everyone wants to hire the best Las Vegas injury lawyer for his or her case. But how can anyone really know if they are hiring the best Las Vegas injury lawyer for their case? After all, we have all seen the TV commercials, we have seen all the billboards, and the ads on buses. You may have gone to various websites to find a lawyer for your Las Vegas injury case. Don't they all say just about the same things? Do these statements sound familiar? Free Consultation. No Fee Unless We Win. … [Read more...]

Treatment Options for Low Back Pain for Las Vegas Car Crash Injuries

Many Las Vegas car accidents lead to chronic lower back pain. Injured patients are put through a series of escalating treatment options before determining whether surgery is required to cure or reduce the lower back pain. Las Vegas accident and injury attorney Craig Murphy, Esq. says “It is understandable that people do not want to rush into surgery. Surgery is usually the last alternative or option for people with permanent low back injuries from a car crash. Often people will settle for … [Read more...]

Caution: You Are Entering the School Zone! Is This the Number One Way to Avoid Accidents in Las Vegas School Zones?

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney, Craig Murphy, Esq., reminds Las Vegas drivers that school has just started for the year. Simply put, “Caution: You are Entering the School Zone.” Is there a number one, top of the list rule that you can follow to avoid getting into an accident in a Las Vegas school zone? "Yes" says Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney, Craig Murphy, Esq. What is the number one way to avoid accidents in Las Vegas school zones? Pay attention! That is it. Get rid of all the … [Read more...]

Caution: You Are Entering the School Zone. Three Things Las Vegas Drivers Can do to Avoid Accidents in School Zones

The temperature outside still makes it feel like summer in Las Vega, but the fact that school started today for students and families across the Las Vegas valley tells us that summer is over. The start of school in Las Vegas presents a number of traffic situations and driving hazards. Las Vegas personal injury attorney Craig Murphy, Esq. says “Caution: You Are Entering the School Zone.” Pay attention, take heed, and you will make it through the school zone. There are three easy things you can … [Read more...]

How to Hire the Best Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Craig Murphy, Esq., Proud Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer I am Craig Murphy, and I am proud to be a Las Vegas “personal injury lawyer.” I realize that personal injury lawyers get a bad “rap.” However, when someone suffers a permanent, life-changing personal injury, he or she is at the mercy of the insurance companies unless or until they hire a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is the only person that will prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of you or your … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Auto Accident Scam Warning

Warning: If you are involved in a no injury auto accident in Las Vegas, con artists and scammers may try to take advantage of you. Last year the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced that it will no longer send police officers to investigate auto accidents that it did not consider to be significant. The accidents that Las Vegas Metro considered not significant enough to send an officer to investigate were no injury and minor injury accidents. In addition to not investigating the no … [Read more...]

What Every Las Vegas Driver Must Know About Car Accidents Since Las Vegas Metro Will No Longer Investigate

Las Vegas, Nevada--February 25, 2014. Picture that you are driving in your car on a typical Las Vegas road on any given afternoon. You approach an intersection that is controlled by a traffic light. You pull into the turn lane and stop with the other traffic in your direction for the red light. The light turns green for those drivers going straight in your direction. Your light remains red. Eventually your light turns into a green arrow and you begin to make your left hand turn. From out of … [Read more...]

Craig Murphy, Esq., Las Vegas Injury Attorney and Trail Lawyer asks: “Are You Outraged About the Drunk Driver Who Killed Four People and Got Off With Only Probation?”

Accountability. Responsibility. These are qualities that most people want to instill in their children. Justice. Most people expect that in our system justice will prevail. Justice is supposed to be blind. Everyone should be equal under the law. No matter your position or station in life, everyone should be treated the same under the law. Whether you are rich or poor, justice is justice. Justice should not be dependent upon your financial station in life. However, more and more, that appears not … [Read more...]

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