Lessons Shark Tank Can Teach Las Vegas Personal Injury Car Crash Plaintiffs

Do you watch Shark Tank on TV? Have you ever heard of or seen Shark Tank? If not, there are four entrepreneurs who evaluate people looking for investors in to their business. The entrepreneurs ask probing questions and evaluate the viability and value of the business. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs will bid to invest in the business in exchange for a percentage ownership in the business. If you have been injured in a Las Vegas car crash, you can learn valuable lessons from Shark Tank. First, … [Read more...]

Sad But True Insurance Adjuster Confession

Today I was negotiating a case with an insurance adjuster. The negotiations had been professional on my part and mostly so on the part of the insurance adjuster. However, every once in a while the adjuster would make "snarky" comments about Las Vegas personal injury lawyers and people injured in Las Vegas car crashes. My response was always to the effect that her comments did not apply to my client or to me. Finally as we reached the end of negotiations, the adjuster admitted that she paid more … [Read more...]

Why Riding Uber Puts You and Your Family at Risk

This is Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. I want to warn you about the risks to you and your family if you ride with Uber. Also, I want to warn you about you and your family's great risks, much greater risks, if you are not riding with Uber. Uber is a ride share company. People agree to drive other people to and from their destinations much like a taxi. The drivers use their personal vehicles. Uber gets paid a percentage of the cost of the transportation and the … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice? Woman Dies After Being Forcibly Removed From Hospital

To have a valid Las Vegas medical malpractice case, you must prove that a doctor or hospital fell below the acceptable standard of care when providing medical treatment to you. In addition, you must prove that the substandard medical care or treatment caused you specific injuries and damages. According to Las Vegas medical malpractice attorney Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices, that is what you have to prove to a reasonable degree of medical probability to have a chance of … [Read more...]

Find the Best Las Vegas Injury Lawyer for Your Car Crash Case

Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices knows that you want to find the best injury lawyer for your car crash case. If you have never had to hire a lawyer before, the only thing you may know about Las Vegas personal injury lawyers is what you see on TV commercials and billboards. The TV commercials and billboards for Las Vegas injury lawyers are everywhere, but they do not provide any useful information to you on how to find the best lawyer … [Read more...]

Murder: Las Vegas Strip Car Driver who Killed one and Injured More than 30 Others Charged

The driver of the car that ran onto the Las Vegas strip sidewalk killing one and injuring more than 30 other people has been charged with murder. The facts of this case are just coming to light. As of this time, the full facts of why the driver ran onto the sidewalk killing one and injuring more than 30 other people are not known. As the facts become known, I will post the facts so that you know. However, as of this time, we know that the driver has been charged with murder. That means that the … [Read more...]

Lessons to Learn from Las Vegas Strip Car Running into Pedestrians

You have probably heard the shocking news that a woman intentionally ran into numerous pedestrian who were walking on the Las Vegas strip. At this time, it is reported that one person is dead and at least twenty-three others were severely injured. We have not been told why the woman intentionally drove onto the sidewalk and ran into the pedestrians. Shockingly, the woman driver had a three-year-old child with her in her car when she ran into the pedestrians. In terms of legal recovery for … [Read more...]

The Truth About Frivolous Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawsuits

Las Vegas personal injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices is against frivolous Las Vegas personal injury lawsuits. In fact, Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices is against all frivolous lawsuits. The truth is that frivolous lawsuits of any kind hurt legitimate lawsuits. Frivolous lawsuits clog the courts. Frivolous lawsuits cause such a taint that all plaintiffs who have been injured in Las Vegas accidents come into court and are the subject of … [Read more...]

Nevada Wrongful Death: The Definitive Quick and Easy Guide

As a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, I receive my share of calls about potential wrongful death claims. Many of the calls are from out-of-state referring attorneys or out-of-state attorneys wanting to know how Nevada law treats various potential Las Vegas wrongful death claims. Additionally, I receive many calls from people asking whether a Las Vegas wrongful death claim can be brought against a doctor or hospital for negligent medical care that caused a person's wrongful death. Regarding … [Read more...]

Find The Best Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney, Bar None

Have you seen the TV commercials for the insurance company where a man says he was driving his new truck one moment and the next moment "BAM" from out of nowhere he was hit? That is often how it happens. You are driving safely and following the rules of the road. All of a sudden,from out of nowhere, without warning, "BAM" someone hits you. Everything changes at that point. You do not know it, but at that moment, in an instant you are thrown into a world you have never experienced before. Your … [Read more...]

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