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Straight forward Information on how to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Case.

Victims of motor vehicle collisions find themselves fighting large insurance companies that have only one goal — to pay as little as possible. Personal injury cases are vigorously defended by the insurance industry. The resources the defendant has to fight a case are endless. The insurance companies have teams of attorneys and adjusters, along with years of experience in handling car wreck claims. Victims who try to handle their cases alone may face lengthy delays, confusing paperwork and procedures, and unfulfilled obligations. In most cases, insurance companies do not settle cases fairly and fully until you demonstrate to them that you have the expert witnesses, the resources and the attorney who is ready, willing and able to face them in court.

If you have been seriously injured in a car crash, you need to hire a true trial attorney. Take advantage of the free consultations and interview a number of lawyers. Ask about his or her trial record. Ask what he or she is willing to do for you and your case. AVOID lawyers who handle every case that walks through their doors. You know, they handle divorces, traffic tickets, criminal matters, wills, and any other area of law. AVOID lawyers whose practice is partially devoted to representing insurance companies. They have divided loyalty. Select a trial attorney with a proven track record who exclusively represents injury victims. How will you know? ASK QUESTIONS.

MOST ATTORNEY ADVERTISING PROVIDES YOU WITH NO USEFUL INFORMATION. The ads are all the same, saying, “We are aggressive” or “free consultation.” By the way, what’s so special about a free consultation in an injury case? EVERYONE DOES THAT! That is why Murphy & Murphy Law Offices is committed to providing you with useful information to assist you in hiring an attorney or handling your claim yourself.

Before you hire a lawyer or talk to the insurance company on your own, you should call us or consult with another attorney. To assist you we have writtenThe Ultimate Consumer’s Guide to Car Crash Injuries in Nevada. Call us to get your free copy.


Straightforward Information on how to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Case.

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