Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Choosing a bicycle accident attorney isn’t easy. Make sure you hire someone with a proven track record of success. Call for a free consultation.

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If you or your child has been injured because they were on a bike and they’ve been hit by a car, you want to know how you can find the best attorney for your case. In these cases, unfortunately, oftentimes the injuries can be very significant. They can go into the future or they can be catastrophic. These are very serious cases, and you need to know how to go about finding the best attorney for your case. There are a number of things you have to do; you’ve got to do your homework.

You need to call a number of attorneys and ask them, what is your track record in dealing with these kinds of cases? Make sure that they have experience. Number two, you can’t just go to any attorney. A divorce attorney, a probate attorney, a tax attorney, an attorney that somebody knows that does whatever – they’re not going to be able to handle it. You have to have a board certified personal injury specialist. In addition, your attorney needs to be a trial attorney. One of the ways that you can make sure you’ve got a real trial attorney is to make sure that your attorney is board certified by the State Bar of Nevada and the Nevada Justice Association.

The third step and most critical step, is that you have to have an attorney that you are comfortable with because you are going to have a long-term, working relationship with this lawyer. You are going to be working as partners on this case. On a significant injury case from a bicycle crash, these cases can go on for a number of years because the insurance companies are going to fight them because the injuries and damages are so significant. You have to know that you have the trust and confidence in that attorney and that the two of you can work together as a team.

There’s only one way to do that. You have to call a number of attorneys and interview them. You have to get them on the phone. You don’t go to the first lawyer’s office that you call because you saw their billboard or their TV commercial. Their intake person says, “Yeah, we have a time for you to come in at 3 o’clock.” You go in, you meet with their intake person, they take a bunch of information, and they shuffle you out the door like you’re just some number or another file. That isn’t going to cut it. That’s not what you need for a serious case like this.

You need someone who’s going to take the time to talk to you, someone who’s going to take the time to bring you in and get to know you. Someone who is going to understand the full impact of this case, and someone that you are confident that you have a good, personal and working relationship with. The only way that you can do that is by making some calls.

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