Bicycle Accident Caused By Pothole

Were you injured in a bicycle accident caused by a pothole in Nevada? You may be able to recover damages for your injuries. Call for a free consultation.

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Let’s say you were riding your bike and you hit a pothole or a big defect in the road and you were seriously injured. You can bring a claim against the city, the county or the state – depending on where the road was and who’s responsible for maintaining it – for that defect. What we have to prove is that defect was there for a long time, that they knew it was there, that they knew there’s bike traffic in that area, yet they failed to take any action to correct it. In those situations, you can bring a claim against the county, city or state government, but we have to do an investigation. It’s not automatic; it’s something that really has to be investigated, to be looked into.

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