Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycle accident claims can be confusing and hard to handle on your own. Let us handle everything for you so you can focus on your recovery. Call today.

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If you have been injured while riding a bike due to a car hitting you, you may want to know exactly how these types of cases differ from other types of accidents in Nevada. If you have been injured because somebody hit you while you were riding your bike, you need to talk to an attorney that routinely handles these types of cases.

Typically, the insurance company is going to try and place some percentage of fault or blame on you. In regular car crash cases, it’s very easy to tell if someone ran a red light, or if someone ran a stop sign, and they’re at fault. In these types of cases, the insurance companies are always going to say that the person on the bike is somehow at fault. They do this with motorcycle cases, too. They prey on the fact that a lot of drivers will see somebody on a bike and they will automatically think that it’s dangerous just to be riding on the side of the road, even if you’re in a designated bike lane.

You have to have an attorney who deals with these cases all of the time and has the ability to deal with these excuses, because that’s all they are; they are just excuses, and they are used by the insurance companies every day to avoid their responsibility. You need to make sure that your rights are protected. You need to get an attorney who knows what they’re doing, who knows how to handle these cases and will go to work for you.

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