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In Nevada, if you’ve had an injury from a bus accident, people often want to know, “What types of injuries and damages am I entitled to receive compensation for?” There are various answers to that question, and it depends on what the facts of your case are. If you’ve been hit by a bus, they have to repair or replace your vehicle. You’re entitled to get compensated for your personal injuries and damages. If you were a passenger on the bus, you’re not going to have a property damage claim; they didn’t wreck your car, but you also are going to have been injured, so you’re entitled for compensation for your injuries. You’re going to be just like somebody who was in a car that was injured.

Here are the various areas of compensation that you’re entitled to receive for your injuries and damages. First of all, there are your personal injuries. Whether you have broken bones, needed surgery, etc., you’re entitled to get reimbursed all of your medical and out-of-pocket expenses. If you have been unable to work for any period of time, you’re entitled to get paid back for all of your lost wages. If you had to lose or use up your vacation time because you were in the hospital or you had surgery, you’re entitled to get that vacation time back.

If you have very serious injuries where you have future damages that are going out into the future, whether it’s personal injuries, pain and suffering, disability, scarring, loss of income, reduction in your ability to earn an income, all of those are various areas of damages that you are entitled to be compensated for because of the negligence of the bus company. The only way that you’re going to figure out what all of that adds up to, and how it has impacted your life, is by contacting an attorney who is skilled and experienced in dealing with the bus company.

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