Bus Accident Injury

Were you traveling on public transit and were a victim of a bus accident injury? You may be entitled to compensation. Call for a free consultation.

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When someone has been hit by a bus and severely injured, you may think, what should I do? People ask this question quite often, and this is my advice to everyone who has been hit by a bus. You need to hire an attorney to represent you. Not all claims where people have been hit need an attorney. However, when you’ve been hit by a bus, almost all of those claims are going to require an attorney. The reason is that the bus companies aggressively defend these cases. They will come in and have pictures of the front of the bus. And that bus doesn’t look like it’s been damaged at all. It’s not damaged at all, but your car has been totaled and you’ve been severely injured. They’re going to say, “Well, our bus doesn’t have any damage to it at all. This can’t be that serious,” and they will deny or limit the value of your claim.

The only way that you are going to get the full and fair value of your claim is to get an attorney who deals with these bus companies on a regular basis, an attorney who is board certified and who has trial experience. In most instances, a lawsuit is going to be required. You’re going to have to have somebody who knows how to prepare your case and get it ready for trial because, until the bus company and its insurance companies know that you are ready, willing and able to go to trial, they are not going to come to the table with the full and fair value of the compensation to properly compensate you for all of the damages that you’ve suffered.

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