Bus Accident Liability

Injured on a bus? Not sure who’s fault it was? Watch this video by our Las Vegas bus accident attorney to learn about bus accident liability and find out if you are able to recover compensation.

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Who can be held responsible or liable on a bus accident claim? It all depends because is it has to be investigated. The accident has to be investigated for a couple of reasons. You have to find out if the bus driver and the bus company was responsible. You have to find out if another driver, in addition to the bus driver, was responsible.

If it is an accident or crash that involves multiple vehicles and multiple parties, there could be various people that have various levels of responsibility. It’s not something that you can just say, “I was injured on the bus; the bus company is responsible for it.” That’s not how it works in Nevada. There is not strict liability. Strict liability is this: I was injured on a bus and because of that, the bus company and its insurance company has to pay. That’s not how it works. You only get compensation in Nevada if someone was negligent and their negligence is the cause of your injuries and your damages.

You need an attorney who can get involved from the beginning and determine who was negligent and who was responsible for your injuries and damages. Whether it’s multiple parties or whether it’s just the bus company, that determination needs to be made. If you don’t get involved and get an attorney right from the beginning, a lot of the evidence could be lost. If you’ve been hurt in a bus crash, don’t delay. Feel free to give me a call, and I will talk to you. We will go through the process and we will make sure that your rights are protected.

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