Car Accident Medical Bills

Who will pay your car accident medical bills? Watch this video to find out. Still have questions about your accident, call today for a free consultation.

Question: Who is going to pay for my medical bills if I am seriously injured in a car accident?

Car Accident Medical Bills


Most people think if I’ve been injured, somebody else should pay the medical bills, and they should, but here is what you really have to know. The insurance company for the guy that hit you are not going to pay your medical expenses. You call them and ask, “Are you going to reimburse me?” In the end, they will, but they’re not going to do it as you go along. What the insurance companies want is for you to be as financially strapped as possible so that you cave and settle your case for pennies on the dollar. Then they can just send you on your way and they’ve saved themselves a bunch of money.

The insurance companies are not out there to protect you; they’re looking out for their own interests. That is why you need to call a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney to guide you through this process. If you sign your rights away early, you’re never going to have a chance to get compensated in a fair manner. Often, early on, you never know what the extent of your injuries are, so you have to get a full medical evaluation. You do not want to settle your claim before you know that you’re healed and back to the way you were before you were injured.

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