Car Accident Settlement Offers

Were you injured in a car accident? Watch this video to find out why you should speak with an attorney before accepting any car accident settlement offers.

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When the insurance company approaches you with a quick, early, easy settlement, they are not doing that for your benefit. They are protecting themselves. Before you ever accept a settlement, call an attorney and talk to them to make sure that it is in your best interest, because the insurance companies are not there to protect you. They’re looking out for their interests, not yours.

You need someone who has the experience of dealing with the insurance companies and evaluating these claims to make sure that it’s fair. If you call me and it is a fair resolution of your case, I will tell you that. I’ll give you that information for free! I’m not going to charge you a penny to do that. I’ll be glad to help you, but if it is not fair to you, I will tell you that also.

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