Dealing with Insurance Companies

Our dedicated injury attorneys have decades of experience and a proven track record of success in dealing with insurance companies for full compensation.

Question: What is important to know about dealing with insurance companies after a car crash in Las Vegas?
Dealing with Insurance Companies


The insurance adjusters that are calling you to get an early, recorded statement are not calling just to get the facts. What they want to do is get you on the phone (when you’re in pain and under medication) and ask you questions in a manner that benefit them. They’re not there to help you. They have an ulterior motive.

When they call, here’s what you need to do. If they’re calling to discuss the property damage, you can make the arrangements to get your car fixed, to get a rental vehicle and do what you need to do so that you can get your vehicle back and be able to drive. If they’re calling you to ask you about the facts, about how the crash happened or what your injuries are, tell them that at this time, you’re not comfortable going forward with it because you’re in pain, you’re under medication, or whatever the situation is. Don’t lie to them. You don’t need to be defensive. You can even tell them, “Well, I’ve been injured, and I want to talk to an attorney before I deal with you.” When you tell them that, they’ve got to leave you alone and your attorney can contact them.

If you’re receiving calls from an insurance adjuster and they are pressuring you to give them a recorded statement, before you do that, give me a call. I would be glad to tell you what they’re going to ask you, what you need to know to be prepared for that recorded statement, or I would be glad to represent you and to make sure that I am there with you when that recorded statement is being taken. The one thing that you need to know – and this is absolutely critical – is that the other guy’s insurance company is not there to protect your interest. They are there to save themselves as much money as they can, and they’re going to do it in any way that they can. That can include having private investigators follow you, tricking you into saying things, twisting your words, doing whatever they can to minimize their obligation to you.

You need to be on what I call level ground; an equal playing field. The only way that you can do that is with legal advice from someone who has the skill and experience of dealing with these insurance companies on a daily basis, which is what we do.

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