Decision Review Officer

A DRO or Decision Review Officer is responsible for reviewing the appeal of your veteran’s disability benefits. Call today for a free consultation with Las Vegas veterans disability lawyer Craig Murphy.

Decision Review Officers are the officers that review your initial claim that was denied, or when you file a Statement of Disagreement, they look at it and review. They will make a determination of whether they think that the initial ruling was appropriate or not. Quite simply, they’re going to look at the papers and they’re going to say who’s right and who’s wrong. They’re going to lean in the direction of the VA unless we are able to point out to them that they missed something, that they overlooked something, or that there was something in your record that wasn’t there, and we now have supplied it. When you look at this on the full record that you have now, you have to come to a different decision. The way that you do that is you get an attorney to help you to come in and marshal your evidence, get what is necessary to get this officer to reevaluate your claim, and make the decision that is right in your circumstances. If this has happened to you, and you filed a Statement of Disagreement, and you’re coming before the officer to review the decision, it’d be to your advantage in my opinion for you to be adequately represented. To do that, you need to have an attorney who handles VA disability matters on a regular basis.

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