Do I Have A Dog Bite Case?

Were you attacked by a dog? You may be wondering “Do I have a dog bite case?” Watch this video to find out about determining if you have a dog bite case.

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Here are the questions that need to be answered in analyzing this. Number one, what type of animal was it? What type of dog was it? There are certain types of breeds that automatically fall within the vicious animal category, and you will be entitled to get recovery or make a claim against them regardless of what has happened with that animal in the past. Dogs that are not in the category of vicious dogs may, for whatever reason, bite and attack someone. There are a couple of issues here, and this is why you’re going to need an attorney who has experience in dealing with these types of cases.

Number one, if that dog has never shown any propensities for having violence and for having bit someone before, you may not have a claim. If it’s your child who was bit, and let’s say that dog’s food dish is right there, and your child is interfering with that dog eating, you may not necessarily have a claim, and the insurance company is going to fight it. They’re going to fight it, for lack of a better term, tooth and nail. You have to have an attorney to investigate these claims and find out what the legal precedent is and what the legal analysis is to establish responsibility, so that you can get compensation for your or your child’s injuries from being attacked by a dog.

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