Do I Have A Dog Bite Case?

Were you attacked by a dog? You may be wondering “Do I have a case?” Watch this video by Las Vegas dog bite lawyer Craig Murphy to find out about determining if you have a dog bite case.

What makes a good personal injury case in Nevada is something that is often not good for you, the injured person. That means that the injuries and damages are quite significant, and that’s the unfortunate thing. For there to be a “good” dog bite or personal injury case, there has to be damages measured by the extent of the injuries. In a dog bite case, that means that there is going to be a significant bite, there’s going to be scarring, and there are going to be injuries, damages and medical treatment that require quite a bit of care. The other thing that makes a “good” dog bit case is there has to be liability. In other words, this has to be an attack from a type of dog that is known to have propensities for biting and there has to be insurance coverage. There are many cases where there are unbelievable damages; very unfortunate damages. It could be a young child that is mauled and even killed by a dog. If there’s not insurance coverage there to cover that, no matter how much the damages are, there’s nothing to collect. It’s much like any other type of significant and severe case. You have to have negligence, someone has to be responsible, and you have to have damages and injuries that are significant. Then you have to have someone, whether it’s an insurance company or someone who has significant assets, be able to adequately compensate you for your injuries. That’s oftentimes a complicated process to figure all out, you need to get an attorney who deals with dog bite/animal attack cases on a regular basis.

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