Evaluating VA Disability Claims

Learn about evaluating VA disability claims and how the VA determines the value of your claim. Call today for a free confidential consultation with our experienced Las Vegas veterans disability lawyer.

You may want to know how the VA evaluates your disability claim. The answer to that question depends on the type and nature of the disability claim that you are making. There are various levels or scales that they will look at to determine the extent of your disability and they will give you a percentage. Based upon your rank and your earnings, they will apply that percentage and determine what the amount of your disability benefits are. An attorney can get your records and look through them and make a comprehensive analysis that is required because the VA typically is going to give you the lowest percentage that they can. The attorney will look through and will determine whether or not the VA has appropriately determined those percentages and whether there are additional factors, or disabilities, or injuries that should be added to that so that your percentage is increased. As that percentage increases, the amount of your disability benefits naturally increases. It’s to your advantage to make sure that when you have a disability claim, that it is properly evaluated and that all of your disabilities are included in the calculation of determining what your injuries and disabilities are. The way to do that is to hire an attorney who has been certified by the Veterans Administration to be able to handle these claims and who has the experience to do these claims.

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