Faulty Handrail Injury Case

Were you injured due to a faulty handrail? Learn about faulty handrail injuries and whether you can recover damages for your injuries in this video by Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer Craig Murphy.

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A faulty handrail caused you to fall at an apartment complex, a condo, or business; what should you do? It depends on what happened to you in that fall. You may have very severe injuries and you may be carted off by an ambulance. You wouldn’t have the ability to do anything to preserve your evidence. What you need to do is contact a friend or family member and have them get over there right away to take pictures of that faulty handrail and preserve that evidence through video and pictures. Number two, you need to put the condos or apartment, or business that had the faulty handrail on notice of your claim and that you fell. You have to do that in writing and make sure they know about it.

The next thing that you should do is probably contact an attorney because they’re going to need to contact that apartment, that condo, or that business, and tell them that if they have any video, that they need to preserve it. Oftentimes, any video is on some type of loop, and after a couple of days it’s going to record over itself. Someone needs to take immediate action to preserve that evidence on your behalf.

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