Faulty Step Injury Cases

Were you injured due to a faulty step, or pothole? Learn more about faulty step injuries and whether you can recover damages for your injuries in this educational video by our Las Vegas slip and fall attorney.

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There are a number of defects that could be present in the steps you fell on that would make that property owner responsible for your fall. It could be something as simple as the steps are way too slippery, that they are uneven in terms of how far apart each step is or how wide each step is. There are various factors that impact whether or not stairs are safe and secure and proper, and there are building codes that specifically deal with stairs and stairways.

The only way to protect yourself if you’ve fallen on stairs that you suspect were hazardous is to get an attorney who has the experience in dealing with these types of cases and who has the ability to properly investigate and bring these types of claims because the insurance companies will typically deny them They’re hoping that you’re just going to go away, regardless of how bad your injuries were. To protect yourself, you need to get an attorney who knows what they’re doing.

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