Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Filing a wrongful death claim can be a confusing and complicated process. Let Las Vegas wrongful death attorney Craig Murphy handle everything for you so you can grieve. Call for a free consultation.

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You need to hire an attorney who’s got a track record of dealing with wrongful death claims because they’re different from other types of injury claims. Only certain people are entitled to file wrongful death claims. You have to have a certain family relationship to the person that was unfortunately killed due to someone else’s negligence.

There are two aspects to these types of claims. There will be the aspect for damages that the deceased suffered prior to their death, and then there will be the aspect of your damages due to the loss of that person. You have to have someone who knows what they’re doing; it’s just that simple. If your lawyer doesn’t know what they’re doing, they’re going to mess it up, plain and simple. You have to get somebody who does this on a regular basis.

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