Forced Off The Road on Motorcycle

Were you or a loved one injured when being forced off the road on a motorcycle? You may be entitled to compensation. Call Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer Craig Murphy for a free consultation.

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Here’s what happens a lot of times in motorcycle accidents. Oftentimes, the driver of another vehicle, car, SUV, or even a semi, don’t see you, and just automatically start coming over into your lane. You, as the driver of a motorcycle, have got a couple of options. You can either be slammed by that other vehicle or you can take evasive actions. All of a sudden you get run off the road, or you lay down your bike, and you’re injured. Do you have a claim against that other vehicle? Absolutely.

The insurance company, of course, is going to argue that you were at fault. You ran off the road; you laid down your bike; there was no reason for that. As a motorcycle rider, you know that’s not true. However, you need somebody who has a lot of experience in dealing with motorcycle accident claims to go after that other vehicle and their insurance company. If your lawyer doesn’t have the skill and experience in dealing specifically with these types of claims, they’re going to get steamrolled by that insurance company. To protect your rights, you need someone who deals with these types of claims on a regular basis.

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