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A violent physical attack can happen at any time.  It can happen at almost any place. However, like most crimes, assaults and attacks can often be prevented. We have listed a few things that you can do to help reduce your risk of being attacked.


Be aware of your surroundings. Do not be complacent and think that an assault will never happen to you. Always prepare yourself to be safe.

Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts. Don’t dismiss suspicious people, cars or situations. Be aware and be on guard. Be suspicious. People are not as trustworthy as they used to be.

Location, location, location

Just like in business, location is everything. Don’t go to unfamiliar areas late at night. Don’t go to convenience stores late at night. Don’t park in isolated parking areas late at night. If you are at a casino, use valet parking. It may take a little longer and cost you a few bucks, but your health and safety is worth it. If you go out late at night, have a companion with you. Do not take unreasonable risks. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Make sure all windows and doors in your home can be locked securely, particularly sliding glass doors. Keep your doors and windows locked. Keep the entrances to your house well lit.
  • Leave the lights on inside and out when you were gone. If you are gone for an extended period of time, put your lights on timers so it appears that someone is there.
  • Install a peephole in your front door and use it. Do not open your door until you know who is there. Make any sales or service persons provide proof of their identity before you open your door or let them in.
  • Do not let any stranger into your home when you are alone — no matter what the reason or how dire the emergency is said to be. Offer to make an emergency phone call while the person waits outside. If it is a true emergency, the person should accept your offer. If it is an attempt by the person to gain access to your house, the person will usually flee and you should immediately call 911. Immediately make sure all of the other entrances to your house are securely locked.
  • Never give the impression that you are home alone if a stranger telephone’s or comes to the door.
  • If you come home and find a door or window open or signs of a forced entry, do not go into the house. Immediately called the police and wait until they arrive.

 While Driving :


  • Keep your car in good working order and repair.
  • Always lock the doors to your car when you are out of the vehicle. Even if you are only going to be out of the car and gone for a few moments.
  • Park in well lit areas near other people and other vehicles.
  • Have your keys ready before you get to your car. Check the front and rear seats before you open the car and get in.
  • Drive with your doors locked.
  • Do not open your car for a stranger who claims to have broken down. Instead, offer to call 911 for assistance.
  • If you are being followed, do not drive home. Call 911. Go to the nearest police station, casino valet, restaurant, or other business where there are other people and you can safely call the police.

 While Walking or Jogging :


  • Always be alert to your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Be observant. Avoid threatening situations.
  • Try to stay in well-lit areas. Do not walk or jog late at night or in isolated areas. Do not walk or jog alone and avoid areas where there are few people.
  • Carry a cell phone and pepper spray. Carry your cell phone in your hand when you walk or jog.
  • Program your cell phone to dial 911 with the push of a single button.
  • Be wary of people who stop you to ask for directions. Always reply from a distance, and never get too close to the person or their car.
  • If you believe you are in trouble, attract help in any way that you can. Scream, yell for help, or do what ever you can to scare the person away.
  • If you believe you are being followed, get to a well-populated area.