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Slips, trips and falls are major causes of serious injuries. Through our years of experience, we can best serve you by providing you with practical information that, if followed, will substantially reduce your risk of injury from a slip, trip or fall. While the risk of injury from a slip, trip or fall cannot be totally eliminated, by following simple, often common sense precautions, you can increase your odds of remaining safe and uninjured.

Be observant

Look where you are walking. Pay attention to the ground surface. Look for curbs, steps and obstructions. Avoid liquids and foreign substances on floors. Do not go into areas where warning cones or barriers have been placed.

Avoid parking stops

Parking stops are the cement barriers used in parking lots at the front of the parking spaces.  Do not cut in between cars. Look for car stops at the front of vehicles. Car stops are often hidden by parked cars. It may be safer to walk behind the cars in parking lots.


Do not have an obstructed view in front of you. Get a shopping basket or shopping cart.

Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions if possible. Look where you’re going. Watch your step.

Be aware of your surroundings

If you are in a store where there are often items in the aisles or on the floor, be more aware and look where you are walking.  Do not take items off of shelves if there are other items on top of them. The other items may fall on you. Ask a store employee for assistance. Do not climb on shelves or ladders to get merchandise. Ask an employee for assistance.

Use extra caution in high-risk areas

Certain areas of stores and restaurants are more dangerous than others.  Be extra careful around soda fountains, garbage cans, beverage areas, refrigerator and freezer sections, produce areas, and the laundry detergent area. In stores that have plants and garden sections, be extra cautious because there is often water on the floor from watering the plants.

Do not take unreasonable risks

Do not take on reasonable risks that could cause you to fall and injure yourself. Do not attempt to step over barricades or go into areas that have been blocked off. Do not attempt to lift or carry items that are too heavy. Ask for assistance.

Be courteous and mindful of others

If you spill something or see a liquid or foreign substance on the floor, report it to an employee. Stand by the spill so that no one is injured until an employee cleans it up or sets up a barrier or warning.