Hiring a VA Disability Lawyer

Hiring a VA disability lawyer is an important first step in appealing your denied claim. Call today for a free 1 on 1 consultation with Las Vegas veterans disability attorney Craig Murphy.

When you’re making your initial disability claim, you don’t need a lawyer. In fact, the law precludes an attorney from representing you for your initial claim. There are personnel in the VA office that you can go to and they will help you make your initial claim. Those are resources that you should take advantage of and get all of the help that you can in making your initial VA disability claim.

If your VA disability claim has been denied, that is when you need legal representation. Your attorney will get your record with the military, your personnel record, and medical records. They will look at that and they will determine, based upon the denial of your claim, what additional information is legally required to support your claim. Then that attorney can go out and get that additional evidence. This is what attorneys do. We collect evidence and we build your claim. If for some reason, the VA has determined that your claim is insufficient for some reason, what the attorney will do is they will look at this and determine what needs to be obtained in addition to properly support your claim so that you can get the VA disability benefits that you’re entitled to receive.

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