Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

Learn about insurance companies and truck accidents and why you shouldn’t talk to the insurance company until first consulting with your attorney.

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People will often call me and ask, “Should I talk with the big rig insurance company adjuster or the company that they have investigating it?” My answer to that question is fairly consistent whether it’s a car crash or a big rig crash that you’ve been involved in. The company investigators, insurance adjusters, and risk managers have years of training and experience and you don’t. You’re a normal person. They are out there to get information from you that is not going to help you; it is going to help them reduce their exposure to this claim. Oftentimes, when you’re dealing with a big rig truck crash, the injuries and damages are very significant, so they’re going to be out there early on, trying to avoid their responsibility to you.

You shouldn’t deal with them because you’re not on equal footing. The only way that you can get on equal footing is by having an attorney who has the skill and experience of dealing with big rig truck crashes, the company investigators, and the federal regulations.

Before you ever talk to an investigator, a risk manager or an insurance company claims adjuster, make sure that you talk to an attorney first.

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