Choosing a Slip and Fall Attorney

Choosing a slip and fall attorney is a big decision. Call our Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer today for a free one-on-one consultation and let us show you what makes us different.

Las Vegas slips and falls attorney, Craig Murphy, Esq. of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices gives you the complete guide to Las Vegas slip and fall cases. This detailed video explains the necessary elements that you must prove to have a valid casino slip and fall case. Craig tells you what information you must have for your Las Vegas casino slip and fall claim. He tells you what the Las Vegas casino’s do to try and avoid responsibility for your Las Vegas casino slip and fall, and what Las Vegas casinos do to avoid paying you for your injuries. If you have had a Las Vegas casino slip and fall, this is a must see video for you.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case, how do you choose the right or best attorney for your case? In Las Vegas and in Nevada, the hotels and casinos are going to fight these cases tooth and nail. Walmart fights them all. Grocery stores fight them all. Why do they do that? Because they can always argue that you were partially at fault. If they can convince a jury that you are more at fault than they were, you get nothing, but in any event, they can argue that some percentage of fault is yours and they can reduce what they have to pay.

They know that if they avoid you and deny, and delay, and aggravate you, a certain percentage of people will just go away. But you were seriously injured. You have a legitimate claim and you need to hire an attorney because that is the only way that you’re going to get fully and fairly compensated for your injuries and damages. How do you pick an attorney that you know is the right and the best attorney for your case?

Number one, you need an attorney who handles these kinds of cases on a regular basis. You need an attorney who is a real trial lawyer because the unfortunate truth of the situation is more than likely a lawsuit is going to be required, and your attorney is going to have to go out there and build your case for you, so you need someone with experience. You need someone whose experience is very fact-specific for these kinds of cases.

For many years, I represented hotels, casinos, grocery stores in slip and fall cases. I know what it takes for them to win their cases. The burden of proof is on you, the injured person. These are very hard cases, and the defense knows it. If you don’t have an attorney that knows exactly what must be proven in these kinds of cases, regardless of how badly you’ve been injured, you’re not going to win. You have to ask the attorney, what is your experience in dealing with slip and fall cases? Make them give you specifics, and then find out if they’re board certified. If you don’t have a board certified personal injury specialist and trial lawyer working on your case, then the insurance companies, the casinos, grocery stores, the risk management departments, are going to pay you pennies on a dollar. Get someone who has the skill and experience to deal with these cases, and you have to make sure they have a track record.

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