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During the first half of the 2000s, Las Vegas experienced a sudden upswing in construction. Infrastructure greatly improved, roadways expanded across the Mojave Desert, and both apartment complexes and commercial centers alike shot up across urban Clark County. After construction employment reached a high in 2006 of over 110,000 workers within Las Vegas city limits, the lofty visions for further growth fell apart in the wake of the Great Recession. As Las Vegas’s construction workforce climbs again, recently surpassing 60,000 active workers, and projects across the metro area resume construction, Southern Nevada’s development dreams inch closer and closer to reality.

Las Vegas Construction Accident LawyerWith this steady boom in construction worker employment, up from a low of roughly 30,000 workers in 2012, there comes an increased risk of workplace-related injuries. Our team of attorneys has worked for decades to help people injured on construction sites in the Las Vegas metro area. Many of our clients have sustained injuries while working or walking past construction sites, and we have represented pedestrians and construction workers alike. If you have been injured due to a construction accident, we vow to fight for you to receive the compensation that you deserve.

How Do Construction Accidents Tend to Happen in the Las Vegas Area?

Though construction-related deaths among workers are rare in the Las Vegas metro area as well as in the state of Nevada as a whole, the immense fluctuations in employment and the number of available projects can lead to improper workplace safety. In addition, current estimates state that Las Vegas is several thousand workers short of the workforce it will need to complete all current projects on time. The rush to fill this employment gap may prompt contractors to hire less skilled workers to make up the difference, and a disregard for safe construction practices can follow insufficient job training.

Much as throughout the United States, there are four types of accidents, dubbed the “Fatal Four,” that make up almost two-thirds of all fatal construction accidents. The Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that falling is the most frequent source of injuries and deaths on construction sites. Falling from heights, slipping on slick surfaces, and stumbling over uneven floors made up just under four out of every ten of construction worker deaths in 2016. If sheetrock is improperly nailed, puddles are allowed to form, and scaffolding is insufficiently tightened, there is a slippery slope to a construction-related injury.

The other three members of the Fatal Four are motor vehicle collisions, contact with falling or moving objects, and becoming trapped. Accidents resulting from impacts between two cars, from a vehicle and a stationary object, and an overturned car or truck all constituted about 25% of that year’s injuries and fatalities among both pedestrians and construction workers. Between 15 and 20% of workers were wounded after an impact by an object in motion, and another three out of every twenty deaths stemmed from severe heat, electrocution, overdoses on toxic substances, similarly hazardous causes.

Contractors and subcontractors unfortunately do not always respect the safety standards for construction sites, and all too many injuries and deaths stem from violations of these standards. Such violations can include such dangers as a lack of communication, failure to provide proper ventilation, inadequate insulation and organization of live wires, and neglect in the maintenance of scaffolding.

All people who are injured while on a construction site, whether pedestrian or construction worker, can consult our Las Vegas construction accident lawyer for guidance regarding their legal options. If it can be shown that a preventable hazard contributed to or directly caused your injury, your attorney will be able to effectively argue your case in court.

When to Contact a Construction Accident Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Even though employment in the field of construction has still not returned to its pre-Recession levels, personal injury law firms in Las Vegas as well as the greater Clark County still have significant experience with construction accident cases. Whether their clients have loved ones who perished on construction sites or the clients themselves were injured, our Las Vegas construction accident lawyer is closely acquainted with the ins and outs of these types of personal injury cases.

Pedestrians who sustained injuries while walking on or near a construction site might worry, because they were not employees of the construction company, that their claims may not be valid. Perhaps they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe they blame themselves for being careless. The situation is similar for construction workers, who can become anxious that they may lose their jobs by pursuing legal action. In reality, there is no reason to second-guess asking an attorney for help. A personal injury lawyer with experience in construction accident law, especially where workers compensation and negligence are concerned, will be well equipped to represent you and your interests in court.

Contact An Experienced Las Vegas Construction Accident Lawyer

You may find it daunting to file a legal claim following an injury on a construction site, but you must remember that your health is of paramount importance. If anything, such as an unsafe condition on a construction site, proves to be a threat to your health, you have every right to seek justice. As soon as you have recovered from your most severe injuries, your first step should be to reach out to an experienced Las Vegas construction accident lawyer. Provide your attorney with as much information and as many documents related to the accident as possible, and be sure to do this during your initial consultation so as to save time. Every detail has the potential to be crucial to your case, so it is important to remain open, honest, and willing to follow all your attorney’s instructions and recommendations. If you have any lingering questions about what to expect as you begin legal proceedings, dedicated construction accident lawyer Craig Murphy would be glad to assist you at each and every step of your case.

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