Las Vegas Shooting Concert Promoter

The concert was at a large outdoor area. Injuries and damage caused by the shooter did not result from something the Concert Promoter did or failed to do. Other than holding the concert in an enclosed arena, there is nothing the Concert Promoter could have done to protect the crowd from this unknown mass murderer.

Las Vegas Shooting Concert PromoterThe shooter did not smuggle firearms into the concert venue. The victims were not injured because of a lack of security at the concert. Instead, the shooter was across Las Vegas Blvd. many floors up in an unknown hotel room. There is no indication that the concert promoter received any type of advance warning or threats from the shooter. Were there advance warnings or threats that the Concert Promoter ignored, there could be potential liability.

However, there is no evidence that the shooter gave any advance notice or warning to anyone. Therefore, it is very unlikely that any type of responsibility could be placed upon the Concert Promoter from what is known at the current time.