Worker’s Compensation For Las Vegas Shooting Victims

The unfortunate reality of this mass shooting is that it has and will affect more than just the people who attended the concert. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of workers at various places in and around the concert and Mandalay Bay that were severely impacted by these horrific events.

Worker's Compensation For Las Vegas Shooting VictimsThe vast majority of these workers, like the vast majority of concert attendees, did not suffer injuries from gun shots. Instead, their wounds are wounds of the spirit and mind. These workers, as well as concert goers, were subject to an unexpected, traumatic event. They witnessed it and lived through it first-hand. It is completely understandable that anyone living through and witnessing these events first-hand would have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For ho were working at the time and are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, you very well may have a valid workers’ compensation claim for PTSD.

In Nevada, a worker should file a C-4 form with his or her employer within 30 days of sustaining injuries while on the job. Any worker who is suffering from PTSD symptoms should immediately file a C-4 form. In addition, you should seek immediate psychological or psychiatric care. Ignoring your feelings, or hoping that the symptoms will just go away is not the way to handle this situation. You must realize that PTSD is real. Untreated, PTSD can have long-term, if not life-time effects upon you. Now is the time to address these issues. If you were working at the time, you must not delay in asserting your claim and getting the proper care and treatment. To ensure that your claim is handled properly, you should consult with a skilled and experienced Nevada workers’ compensation attorney right away.