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They can happen at any time, and they can happen anywhere. Slip and fall injuries, true to their name, occur when people lose their balance and fall to the ground. What sets these injuries apart is accountability; while a naturally clumsy person may slip on a perfectly stable and well-lit surface, slip and fall injuries are only triggered when an organization or private individual does not maintain proper care of walkways, stairwells, and similar areas reserved for public use.

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Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall injury cases are among the most common lawsuits under the umbrella of personal injury law, and qualified attorneys are well acquainted with the ins and outs of these cases. However, because laws and ordinances vary from state to state, from county to county, and sometimes even from city to city, it is important to consult an experienced Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer who is based in the area where an incident occurred. If you experienced a slip and fall in Las Vegas or the surrounding metro area, a local personal injury attorney is the best choice to help you to argue your case. Dedicated Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer Craig Murphy has defended clients in Nevada courtrooms for decades, and we would be glad to help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.

Where and How Do Most Slip and Fall Injuries Happen?

There is a multitude of factors that may create unsafe conditions, and any one of these or any combination can lead to a slip and fall injury. Flooring issues are among the most common causes; a crack in a floor, a torn carpet, or a loose stair can easily lead a person to lose her or his balance and fall. Even if a floor is well maintained, slip and fall injuries may still occur when the floor is covered by a slick substance such as ice or leaking water. In addition to all those potential hazards, factors including poor lighting, a worn-down doorjamb, and detached handrails can all contribute to slip and fall injuries.

Is There a General Structure to Slip and Fall Injury Cases?

In every slip and fall case, there are the same two parties: the injured person and the property owner or manager. It is important to note that, though the average slip and fall case will focus on proving that the property owner or manager was at fault, a case can lose some validity if the injured party was under the influence of drugs or acting in a reckless manner at the time of the incident. A dangerous condition on the property might have exacerbated the risk of injury, but the property owner’s lawyer could argue that the injured party’s conduct was also a contributing factor. Because no slip and fall case is airtight, it is critical that you inform your slip and fall attorney about your behavior at the time of the accident. This way, by the time that you press charges, your attorney will be better able to argue on your behalf.

What slip and fall cases come down to is determining the responsibility of the property owner or manager for failing to prevent an unsafe condition from arising. This concept, known as “premises liability,” directly affects exactly how much an injured party is able to recover in damages. To prove liability, your Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer has to demonstrate that at least one of three issues was in play at the time of the accident: that the property owner or manager created the unsafe condition, that he or she knew that the condition existed but neglected to completely fix the problem at hand, or that the unsafe condition had existed for such a length of time that the property owner should have fixed it before a slip and fall accident could occur. These options may vary slightly depending on whether the slip and fall happened on a commercial or residential property, but these are the basic arguments that a personal injury can incorporate.

To illustrate the above, we may consider the case of a tourist who slipped and fell in the hallway of a Las Vegas casino. The tourist was not intoxicated or behaving carelessly, and she tripped over loose carpeting on her way across the lobby. Her attorney may argue that the casino’s owner or manager inadvertently created the unsafe condition by failing to completely nail the carpeting to the floor or to trim the excess fabric. If the owner or manager claims that the issue with the carpeting was known and had been fixed, the slip and fall attorney may demand to see documentation showing when the repair took place, if at all. If the owner or manager denies knowledge, the tourist’s attorney can call upon other casino employees or patrons to testify about approximately how long the carpeting issue had existed. All of these arguments will help to prove liability in this kind of slip and fall case.

Are Slip and Fall Injury Cases Any Different in Las Vegas or Nevada?

According to the Nevada Revised Statutes, a person who was injured in a slip and fall has two years to file a claim. After that point, the statute of limitations runs out. In addition, Nevada personal injury law contains a “comparative negligence” rule, which dictates that the injured party in a slip and fall can receive compensation proportional to her or his own responsibility for the accident. If a court were to find that an injured person were 10% responsible for an accident, he or she would receive 90% of the possible compensation. However, if the injured party were found to be more than 50% responsible for the accident, there would be no compensation.

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The Las Vegas metro area, due to the legalization of gambling, is a unique region of the United States. Because of local laws and the popular tourism industry, the risk of experiencing a slip and fall in a casino, a hotel, or a theater is unusually high in Las Vegas, and both residents and vacationers alike should maintain caution in order to avoid injury. If you or a loved one was injured during your most recent trip to Las Vegas, you will benefit from the support of a Clark County-based personal injury firm. Experienced Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer Craig Murphy pledges to assist you at every step of your slip and fall injury case.

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