Med Pay Subrogation

Injured in a car accident? Wondering who will pay your medical expenses? Learn about Med Pay subrogation and how it can help cover your bills.

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In Nevada, we don’t have PIP (personal injury protection) insurance; what we have is something that’s called MedPay. Many people that come to Nevada are from other states and they have PIP. MedPay means your insurance policy covers you for your medical expenses. Any time you’re involved in a collision and you have injuries, that policy can come into force and help you pay your medical expenses.

People need to know when you’re in a collision and you’ve been injured, and you need medical care, your health insurance should cover that. You want to make sure that your health insurance does cover that, but there are many instances where you will have out-of-pocket expenses. Some special circumstances include; chiropractic care, being out of network, or other treatment not covered by insurance. MedPay will step in and pay your medical expenses in these special circumstances so that you’re not suffering further losses, in addition to not being able to go to work, and your car being ruined and damaged, and you’re having to pay for a rental car and things like that. If you have MedPay or PIP, you want to be able to use it to protect yourself. It’s a good coverage to have.

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