Motorcycle Accidents Without A Helmet

Motorcycle accidents without a helmet can be severe and devastating. Contact Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney Craig Murphy today for a free one-on-one consultation.

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Here’s a question that people often ask. If I wasn’t wearing a helmet for whatever reason in my motorcycle crash, can I still sue for damages? Here’s the answer to that question: yes, you can. Now, the insurance company is going to try and blame you in any way that it can to avoid their responsibility. They will include in that the fact that you weren’t wearing a helmet. What does wearing a helmet have to do with the fact that your hip, pelvis, leg, or ankle is broke and now requires surgery to repair them all? What does wearing a helmet have to do with that?

Absolutely nothing, but doesn’t mean that the insurance company is not going to try and use that to avoid their responsibility to you.  They will do whatever they can to dig up any dirt on you in your background, anything that they can do to avoid responsibility that they have to you for your injuries and damages.

What can you do to protect yourself? Hire an attorney to protect your interests. You need to get an attorney who’s a board certified personally injury specialist who is a trial attorney, who has the skill and experience with motorcycle cases. Not an attorney who rides a motorcycle and has a bunch of billboards and commercials. You need someone who can give you the personal attention, and the hard work, and dedication that is going to be required to build your case, and make sure that you’re fairly compensated.

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