Motorcycle vs Car Accident Cases

Learn about the differences regarding motorcycle vs car accident cases to find out what you need to know regarding your rights under the law in this educational video by our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney.

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The insurance companies and the insurance adjusters are always going to try and blame you for causing the accident or being partially at-fault for causing the accident. Even if you have no fault at all, they are still going to try and blame you. They will go so far as hiring accident reconstruction witnesses that they pay big money to come in and figure out a way that they can say that you were at fault. Why do they do that? A couple of reasons. Number one, the injuries that are involved in a motorcycle crash are often very significant, and life-long, so they’re big claims. They also know that a lot of people think that just riding a motorcycle in and of itself is inherently dangerous and that if you’re going to ride a motorcycle, you get what you deserve. That’s not what the law says, but that’s what the insurance company is going to say.

Even if you may have a little bit of fault, you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries and damages. The only way that you are going to be treated fairly by an insurance company is having an attorney who has skill and experience, has a number of motorcycle crash claims under their belt and has a history of dealing with these insurance adjusters. Otherwise, you’re going to get taken advantage of.

You need someone who has done this before. You don’t want someone learning on your case. You don’t want someone with a high volume of cases, who’s just going to take whatever they can get from the insurance company. This case is too important to you and your future. I’m here to help you. I’m here to protect you.

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