Partial Fault Bicycle Accidents

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If you’ve been in a bike accident, and you are partially at fault because the insurance company has made that determination, or the facts are such that there’s clearly fault between the car and you, can you bring a claim? In Nevada, if your percentage of fault, is less than the percentage of fault attributed to the driver, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. What will happen is your percentage of fault will be deducted from any jury verdict or settlement that is reached, but you can be partially at fault. It’s only when your percentage of fault is more than the driver of the vehicle that Nevada law says that you are not entitled to receive compensation.

It is going to take an attorney who deals with these cases on a routine basis to really get into it and make an analysis. It may even require hiring specific engineers to come in, make calculations, and determine who was primarily at fault to figure out whether or not you’re entitled to compensation in these cases. The only way that that determination is going to be made is by you talking to an attorney and getting an attorney who deals with these kinds of claims.

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