Partial Fault Motorcycle Crash

If you were involved in a partial fault motorcycle crash, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Call for a free consultation with Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer Craig Murphy.

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Here is what Nevada law says about being able to collect damages for your injuries if you were partially at fault for causing your motorcycle crash claim. As long as your percentage of fault is less than 50%, you will be entitled to get compensation for your damages. The insurance company for the other driver will always try and argue that you were primarily at fault, whether you were going too fast, or you weren’t paying attention, or you had unexpectedly changed lanes. Whatever it is, they will try and argue that you are primarily at fault.

That’s why you need a skilled and experienced motorcycle attorney right from the get-go. We will go out and investigate what happened. We will go and talk to the witnesses. We will preserve the testimony to establish that, although you had some fault, it was not the primary fault for causing the action or for causing the accident, and we will preserve your case for damages so that we can protect you for the injuries and the damages that you have sustained as a result of being in a motorcycle crash, even though you were partially at fault.

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