Pedestrian Accident Claims

Pedestrian accident claims can be confusing and complicated to handle on your own. Call our Las Vegas injury lawyers for a free confidential consultation.

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I received a call the other day from a person who was in a crosswalk and was hit by a car. He wanted to know how that claim differed from a car crash claim. I told him that there were a number of differences that would be involved in his case. One of the primary differences is that typically, the insurance company for the guy driving the car is going to say that you were partially or primarily at fault for causing this because you were not paying proper attention. Had you been paying proper attention, you could’ve avoided getting hit by the car. Let’s forget about the fact that their driver wasn’t paying attention and ran into you. They want you to forget about that. They want to blame it on you.

Very often, the insurance company, the insurance adjuster and even the insurance lawyer will be able to convince a jury that you were somewhat at fault. Even though you may have some partial amount of fault that is attributed to you by the jury, that doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to be paid for the injuries and the damages that you’ve sustained. What you need is an attorney who deals with these kinds of cases, who can properly evaluate and prepare your case so that you can get the compensation that you’re entitled to, that will pay you for your damages, your injuries, your medical and your future injuries.

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