Pedestrian Accident Compensation

Were you injured by a motor vehicle while walking? You may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about pedestrian accident compensation.

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In Nevada, if you were a pedestrian and you were hit by a car, you probably want to know, what is available to me? What can I do to take care of my medical bills? What can I do to take care of the fact that I haven’t been able to go to work? What can I do about all of these out-of-pocket expenses that I have?

Those are very legitimate questions. They are very important concerns that you have. Here’s what your options are: The driver of the car that hit you, their insurance company should be responsible if they were at fault. They ultimately should pay for your medical expenses, your out-of-pocket expenses, your wage loss, any disabilities that you have going into the future, and any future medical care that you’re going to have. They aren’t going to pay that money to you as you incur it.

You’re not going to get money from them as you go to the doctor or as you have an out-of-pocket expense, or go to various x-rays, MRIs and different scanning facilities and things like that. In fact, what the insurance company wants is for you to become strapped financially, so that you just cave in and take whatever pittance they’re willing to give you. That is not in your best interest.

What you need to do is talk to a skilled personal injury trial attorney who will look into your case, determine what your injuries are and find out what you are entitled to receive due to the extent of your injuries and damages, and then they will build that claim.

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