Pedestrian Accident Settlements

Were you or someone you love injured as a pedestrian? You may wondering how long it will take for your claim to settle. Learn more about pedestrian accident settlements.

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As with most cases, pedestrian accidents can be resolved in a relatively short period of time or it can take years. It depends on the facts of the case and how hard the insurance company and the insurance lawyer are fighting it, how bad your injuries are, and what the extent of your damages are.

If you were hit by a car and you only had sprain/strain type of injuries, you might only need to go to a chiropractor for six weeks to a couple of months, then your claim can be resolved after a couple of months. If you were hit by a car and you’ve been seriously injured, and you required surgery and ongoing care, or you have future care, you really can’t even evaluate the value of your claim. You need to have a clear picture of how badly you were hurt and what the extent of your recovery from those injuries is going to be, and what the residual effects are going to be going into the future. That may take a over a year of medical treatment and analysis to figure out. If we have to file a lawsuit, it could take another year or two before your case is resolved at trial or settled.

It’s on a spectrum that depends on a lot of things – the nature of your injuries, how long it takes you to get better, and how tough the insurance company is going to fight it. Unless you have an attorney who has experience in dealing with these kinds of cases, and who is a trial lawyer that the insurance company knows is willing and able to take that case to trial, they’re not going to settle it.

Here’s what you can do to make sure that your case is resolved as soon as possible. Get a lawyer who knows what they’re doing. Get a lawyer who will do the hard work that is required to prepare your case.

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