Questions To Ask The Dog Owner After A Bite

There are many questions to ask the dog owner after a bite to ensure your safety, and protect your rights. Watch this video by our Las Vegas dog bite lawyer to find out what to ask.

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If you’ve been seriously attacked by a dog and there are significant injuries, there are a few things you need to find out from the owner. Number one, you need to find out if that dog has previously shown any tendencies or indication that it would attack and bite someone. Typically, that might mean that there are reports out there that the dog has previously bit someone. If that’s what the case is, they could be in serious trouble.

You want to contact the Department of Animal Control. You want to make a report, get them out there to make an investigation, because they may have prior incidents relating to this. You also need to know if there’s insurance. Is this a homeowner? If so, who is their insurance company? If they’re a renter in an apartment, you need to know if they have renter’s insurance and whether or not that renter’s insurance covers their animals. You also need to know if you have homeowner’s insurance; your homeowner’s insurance may cover you or your family members if you’re at someone else’s house and their animal attacks you.

There are various aspects of this case that have to be investigated, but the information that you really need to know is whether there have been previous instances of dog bites or behavior that would indicate that this animal had these tendencies and what insurance is available to compensate for these types of damages.

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