Service Connected Disability

Are you the victim of a service connected disability? You deserve to be compensated for your service. Call our Las Vegas veterans disability attorney today for a free consultation.

In order to be entitled to veterans’ disability benefits, you need to establish that your disability is service-related. What it means quite simply is that the disability you have now relates to something that happened to you during your active military service. Something may have happened to you during your service that took a while to develop or to manifest. You have the burden of proving to the VA that your disability relates back to something that happened to you while you were in active duty. You may have to do that either by going through your military service history or your medical treatment history. You may have to get a medical specialist to review all of your medical records and give an opinion. It may even be necessary to contact people who were in service with you at the time that the event occurred that you say triggered your disability now. These are called Buddy Statements.

There are many things that you may be required to do to establish the connection between something that happened to you during active service that has resulted in your condition today. You have the burden of establishing that. Just because you tell the VA that this is what happened doesn’t mean that they’re going to accept it. In fact, the majority of veterans’ disability claims are initially denied. When your claim is denied, you need legal representation. It’s something that is very difficult for you to handle on your own. You need to have someone who has handled these types of claims knows how to obtain all of your records, make the appropriate analysis, and determine what additional information is required so that the VA will accept that claim.

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