Sibling Wrongful Death Claims

Was your brother or sister killed due to another person’s negligence? In this video, Las Vegas wrongful death lawyer Craig Murphy discusses sibling wrongful death claims and recover compensation for your loss.

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Nevada probate law and wrongful death law answers the question if siblings can file for wrongful death. The question cannot be easily answered because there are a lot of factors that have to be analyzed.

What has to be analyzed is the degree of the relationship and who the heirs of that decedent under are Nevada law. Under probate law, it is going to say who the heirs are and depending on your level of relationship, you may or may not have a cause of action. If that person was married and had children, unfortunately, as a sibling you’re not going to be able to bring a case. If they had no wife and no children, you may be able to.

The value of your claim is going to be dependent upon the nature of your relationship with that decedent. That’s why you need an attorney who has a lot of skill and experience in dealing with these types of cases, because it’s not strictly a matter of law. The right attorney is someone who’s going to spend the time to really develop the facts, the nature of your relationship, and of your loss. That will be very important in determining the value of that claim.

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