Survivor Wrongful Death Claims

Was your spouse killed due to another person’s negligence? In this video by Las Vegas wrongful death attorney Craig Murphy, learn about survivor wrongful death claims and recover compensation for your loss.

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When someone has a wrongful death claim, they may have done a little research on Google, or some other websites, and found some information. They will call and ask me, “What’s the difference between survival and wrongful death? It doesn’t seem like the two can be congruent. If you have a wrongful death, what does survivor or a survival claim mean?” Those are very legitimate questions because when you are dealing with a wrongful death, there is a split of two types of claims that you’re dealing with. There is a survival action. which means is the person who wrongfully died as a result of someone’s negligence are entitled to the pain, suffering and damages that they had to go through before their death. Those claims, even though they died, survive or carry on. They are still legitimate claims, and someone can bring a case for those types of damages. They survived the death; they live on.

Then there is the wrongful death action; this is a separate issue. This is for the close relatives of the decedent who have a claim under Nevada Probate Law for their losses. this covers their loss of consortium, which basically is the loss of your spouse, your companionship, the love, everything that you had with your relationship with that person, and you’re entitled to support. If they were the breadwinner for the family, there’s going to be a long income loss claim that is available to you. These are very complex cases because they involve various levels of damages, and personal relationships. You need to have an attorney who has dealt with these cases on a regular basis because they are very complicated. You need someone who has the ability to not only deal with the legal aspects of these claims, but to deal with the personal aspects of these claims.

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