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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After a life-changing accident, you and your very accommodating staff did everything necessary to make the legal process work for me. All the right legal maneuvers at all the right times…. You All helped make a very bad situation a simple, precise exercise in my circumstances. The settlement came quickly, and has changed my life forever. I am truly grateful to you!

P.S.: If ever in Colorado, please feel free to look me up. Will always have a place for any of you!

Michael Price

Gunnison, Colorado

Craig Murphy handled my case for injuries from a car accident. I had a complicated case. Craig and his office staff were professional and attentive, and their representation resulted in a very fair settlement without a trial. I recommend them for their high integrity and honesty as well as for their effectiveness. I learned after my settlement that Mr. Murphy has settled historic cases on behalf of his clients — and I am not a bit surprised. Don’t retain anyone else until you speak with Craig Murphy first!

Jessica D.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Joe and I were very pleased with the settlement. You were so good about keeping us informed along the long way here. We don’t think we could have picked a better attorney. Thank you so much. You all took real good care of us. Please thank Mary for us. She was great every time I called. Thank you so much again.

Marilyn & Joe DeWees

Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. For being kind and patient with me. You have been there for me when I have called and answered any questions that I have asked without hesitation. I would like you to know that you are one of the best attorneys that I have ever known. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much.

Willow Klosty

Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to thank you for going over and above on my case. Thank you for sticking with me when I didn’t want to settle on less than what I thought was fair and pushing the insurance company to do the right thing in my case. Thank you for your fairness in fees and generosity to give me a discount, which put more in my pocketbook. I would like to say that you have the best assistant that there is in Mary! She is so helpful and knowledgeable and always kept me up to date on the status of my case, thank you Mary! I will definitely recommend your office to any family or friends who are in need of your services.

Thanks again.

Marilyn & Joe DeWees

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was referred to Craig M. Murphy by the Nevada State Bar. When I called his office, I couldn’t believe he answered the phone himself. He took the time to talk to me about my workmans comp case and the bad experience I had with my other attorneys. He seems like a very dedicated and caring man. I did not find any compassion in my other attorneys. There are not that many attorneys that I trust now. During our conversation, he took the time to explained things to me. He referred me to another attorney that may be able to help me reopen my workmans comp case. He seems very determined and knows about the law. I felt comfortable speaking with him and taking his advice. We need more attorneys like him. There are so many attorneys that don’t care about their clients. I would recommend Craig Murphy to anyone that needs legal help.

Jessica D.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for everything, especially the kind and patient nature of everyone I was able to work with. Although this took quite a while to resolve, I am glad everyone was so persistent and helpful, especially when I wasn’t sure how to handle certain aspects of the case. You were always there for me when I needed you. I am very thankful and hope the best for everyone.

M Robinson

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for assisting me with my insurance accident claim. After being crashed into by a reckless driver and pushed into two other vehicles, I was very concerned about the liability of the entire accident. Thank you for educating me on the process of liability claims. I now have a knowledge of the claim processing and feel confident enough in your expertise that I would definitely seek your help again if needed.

Lori L.

Las Vegas, Nevada

My experience with Murphy & Murphy was a good one. They were courteous, helpful and professional, and I felt that I was in good hands. My thanks and appreciation to those at Murphy & Murphy.

Jeremiah C

Craig and Stacie create a warm and friendly atmosphere from the initial visit, as well as, throughout the process. All of their explanations are made in layman’s terms step by step. Their professionalism constitutes a great team by complementing each other.

Annette B

Las Vegas, NV


We want to thank you for a job well done. We presented you with a very difficult case near impossible to win. You listened to our side of the case, then explained what you would have to do to help us. You were very professional, yet more like a friend. We were impressed with you from day one. This case went on for more then three years, you risked quite a large sum of your money to help prove our case. You put a lot of time and effort into this case, even some of your personal family time to concentrate and focus on helping us. We also want to thank your wife for all her moral support, helpful and suggestions. You never lost focus on the desired end result. You overwhelmed us with paperwork as you said you would, and because of all your hard work we were able to settle this case. Connie and I are receiving compensation that will help change our lives. We never would have been able to accomplish this without you. As I previously said we were impressed with you from day one, we are more than impressed now, you are great. I hope that we can stay in touch and remain friends forever.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Richard and Connie D.

Attention Craig Murphy

To Whom it May Concern,

I am in writing this letter to express my gratitude to Murphy & Murphy Law office. God must have been on my side after the bad decision I made on not having Craig Murphy as my lawyer from the start, since I retained him as my attorney my life was back on track. I got injured back in 12/06/04, I did not know if I could ever go back to the person I was before got injured. With the concern, compassion and caring for all his clients, he made me feel like part of the family. I am not the best writer on express my gratitude but I felt it necessary to show how much Murphy & Murphy Law Office means to me. He is not only my attorney but I think of him as a friend. I would also like to give praise to Juanita and Mary, they too are part of the team that got my life back, God bless Murphy & Murphy Law Office. For they are my angels sent from God. I will never forget the compassion hard devoted dedication they all showed in my case. I will never forget them and Craig Murphy will always be the man I turn to for any legal matter. May God be pleased with the work they do to help those who fall under desperate need.

Thank you so much, God bless all of you.


Lisa D.

After hiring an attorney that for several months would never communicate with me or even follow up on my minor child’s personal injury claim, I decided to hire Craig Murphy of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices as a result of an attorney search on the internet. Craig Murphy instantly took on my case and kept me informed at every turn, immediately returning calls, answering email, and providing me with the copies of all correspondences. After months of non compliance and refusal to respond to our demands, it was only through the threat of litigation Craig Murphy was able to negotiate a favorable settlement that ultimately provided my minor son with a nice fund of money to assist him when he turns 18 years old. Craig Murphy’s reputation for integrity, honesty and your veracity should be known. I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to him for assistance and I have referred him to my friends and family with my highest recommendations.

Richard and Connie D.

I am writing to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your incredible support and expertise in handing my case. I know that without you, I would not have come to a successful resolution of this situation and feel extremely lucky to have been referred to your office.

You combine the highest level of professionalism with an uncanny grasp of the best way to handle any obstacles. My husband read through some of your correspondence to me and commented that he had never seen such dedication to the best interests of a client before.

In closing, you all have made a very difficult few years so much less painful that I can look back at the experience with peace and move on. It’s an honor to have worked with you.

Anita S.

Asheville, North Carolina

This is a letter of gratitude and sincere thanks to my good friend and injury trial lawyer for the last four years and in continued years to come. From the day of my terrible crash on October 14, 2004 until the present, Mr. Craig Murphy has taken care of my well-being and offered continued support from day one. Mr Murphy written me a good 75 progress reports and letters of moral support. I owe my whole future and continued success to his full knowledge of the law. He is a credit to this profession.

I personally have a hard time talking to other people about my personal problems and needs, but with Mr. Murphy I always felt at ease. I will be continually honored with his advice and concern in my future endeavors. Mr. Murphy didn’t just win my case, he will help me with future problems as they occur.

In conclusion, the staff that Mr. Murphy employs is of the highest caliber. (That’s you, Mary. Thank you for your support when most needed.)

Murphy & Murphy Law Offices takes pride in what they do.

Mr. Frank G

Dear Craig Murphy and Mary,

Thank you so much for all your help, it was very upsetting to be out of state and trying to do a lawsuit. As I have never done this before I was so relieved when you called me back to told me you would take my case. What a relief, I really feel they were wrong or I wouldn’t of done it. I thank you Craig Murphy and Mary – what a good person she is always so kind and always kept you informed of what is going on. It means a lot when you are 450 miles away. Someday I will stop in to thank you in person. I can’t wait to meet the two persons that helped me so much. My best to you in 2009, Thank you from the heart.


Margaret Ann

I want to thank you for talking to me and taking the time to explain a lot of my questions. You are a very kind man. I can tell thank you for caring and being so thoughtful. I very much appreciate it very much. Wish there was more people like you and thank you for the letter, it means a lot to a victim when you can talk about things that we don’t understand. If I ever need an attorney I will call you for sure.

Thank you so much!


We were fortunate to cross paths with Craig during the litigation of our case. From day one, Craig has been very attentive and thorough, which helps to prepare and build a winning case. We put our full and unwavering trust in Craig’s knowledge and experience in the preparation and all the way to the successful resolution of our case.

Justice has been served! Should we or anyone within our circle of friends and family need help in the future, we will again choose, and highly recommend our new friend, Craig M. Murphy, to be our champion for justice.


Las Vegas NV

Dear Craig,

It was a wonderful twist of fate that brought me to you with my malpractice suite. After a year and a half of waiting for my prior law firm to do anything with my case, I finally found your firm (and thank God) to represent me. It was a long and sometimes stressful case for us both, but in the end we both felt strongly enough to stand our ground against the insurance company that would not even respond to our case demands. I feel under the new Nevada State malpractice laws that you obtained every penny possible, (especially not going to court) from Gerelmans insurance. It was I hope my first and last lawsuit and I will recommend anyone to retain your firm.

Thank you so much!


Mr. Murphy and his office have been very helpful in my case. It started 1yr ago in March. Mr. Murphy was always there to answer any questions I had and always willing to work his very best for me.

He always gave me his best advise and never lead me wrong.

Mr. Murphy was a God sent my husband found him and he is just the greatest. He was always there to return a phone call and answer any question big or small. He always went the extra distance for me. I am gratefully appreciative to him.

Thanks again

Peggie S.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you done for us in representing us on the case.

We know that we never had intentions of suing. It wasn’t us that reported the accident. It was one of their own employees who call security to take a report and statements from us. It wasn’t until Margaret started getting those severe leg pains that I had to put her in the Hospital. Then she got worse and I had no choice but to seek help. That when I got in touch with Mr….. to see what kind of help I could get to help me pay the hospital and doctors treating Margaret. That’s when you came into the case also. When I first met you. You made quite an impression on me, by being honest and truthful with us both. You kept your word in telling us what to expect on this case. Explaining the law governs a liability law suit against a property owner.

Craig, if we ever need an Attorney in your field of work in the future. We will be calling you to handle it for us. I will also recommend your law Agency Murphy & Murphy Law Offices to my friends who might need your kind of services.

Ray M. C.

I was very pleased with the performance in the successful resolution of my motor vehicle accident case. This was a confidential settlement so I will provide general, non specific comments.

It was extremely frustrating when the opposing party offered less money to settle than the accrued medical bills just before 2 year statute of limitations expired. Their insured caused the accident and got cited by he police. I sustained considerable injuries and continue to have medical problems almost 4 years after this terrible accident.

Your actions during the entire process was superb. You planned ahead and successfully accomplished each event. You provided logical advice during the entire process that permitted me to make informed decisions and feel confident we were satisfactorily progressing. It also allowed me to have confidence for a favorable outcome on a very traumatic personal experience.

I am very impressed with the results you achieved. Without your expert assistance and dedication this would not have been possible. You may show this letter to other clients and use my name as a referral if you feel it is appropriate. Jerry and I value your expertise and your friendship.of services.

Ursula B.

You are two of the greatest people I know. You not only stood by me, you believed in me. You took what was unjust and made it right. From the time we met you made me feel comfortable, you never left me in the dark and was always honest. You always took my calls no matter what time of day or night, if I was uneasy about something you were always there to reassure it would be ok. You treated me more like family than a client. You are so skilled in your field, you took something I dreamed and made it into something great. You

are living proof that there are still good people in the world, you mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Hoorah for a job well done.

Sesley W.

To Whom it May Concern,

Mr. Craig Murphy is the best lawyer in Las Vegas. He is honest, thorough and a lawyer who truly cares. I give him an A+ for returning phone calls and cares to give the time to listen to you. We always hear a bad rap about attorneys but I must say Mr. Murphy is a lawyer who is the one only people can dream about. This lawyer bends over backwards for you to sincerely help you. I have referred people to him and will continue to do so. If anyone needs to talk to me about this attorney, please call me anytime and I can assure you he is the best.

Virka S.

I am writing in regards to the service that I received at the Law Office of Murphy & Murphy. When having a car accident I didn’t know where to turn to, so I went to the big television lawyers thinking that it was the right thing to do. I found out quickly and luckily not to costly that they were not very helpful. That is where I was referred to Murphy & Murphy. Murphy & Murphy really seemed to care about my case and not just think of me as a case number but actual person.

I would refer their services to anyone, in fact I have.

Willi H.

Being a former insurance agent for farmers insurance I can say that there is nothing better than keeping your policy limits at maximum. Especially the medical and under/uninsured motorist.

My husband and I were T-boned by a teenage driver taking his sister to a soccer game. We were on boulder highway and had just left star nursery. Thank goodness they had a video camera which they gave to the police. I ended up with a brain injury and was in a coma. I had head trauma and several broken bones. I have had my lungs inflated do to broken ribs, a feeding tube and a tracheotomy. I have a messed up arm and have had to have my shoulder repaired and still need more surgery. My husband Wayne also was injured and has had surgery for this shoulder. My church been wonderful and also Craig and Stacey Murphy. They belong to the same church. He got me a lifetime settlement.

Beth M.