Time Limits for Trucking Accident Claims

If you don’t file your truck accident claim on time, you may lose your right to sue. Watch this video to learn about time limits for trucking accident claims.

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You have two years under the statute of limitations to file your case, but the real question is, how soon after the crash should you contact an attorney? You need to contact an attorney right away, especially if you’ve been seriously injured. That is because you need to get an attorney to get out there and start an investigation right away. There is a lot of evidence that needs to be collected right from the beginning, and a lot of it could disappear.

Even though you have two years to file your case, you need to get somebody involved right away because there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be done and a lot of investigation that needs to be done early on. If it’s not done right away, your case and your future could be at risk. Don’t hesitate. vehicle crash in Nevada, and we will get on it right away.

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