Tripping Hazard Injuries

Were you injured because you tripped on someone else’s property? Learn about tripping hazard injuries and whether you can recover damages in this video by Las Vegas slip and fall attorney Craig Murphy.

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Here is a typical scenario. You are walking down a sidewalk or entryway of a building and it’s uneven, and it’s sticking up, and for whatever reason you hit it and bam, you do a header. You’ve got significant injuries. Whose fault is that?

The insurance company is going to say, “Sorry, you were not paying attention. You tripped over your own feet. You should’ve been looking at this and stepped over it. Thousands of people walk by this every day and they don’t fall.” Is that a legitimate defense? That all depends. You’re going to need an attorney to get out there and have an engineer who specifically works in these types of cases and areas to measure that and see how big that defect was. You need an attorney to find out what notice this property owner, or this business had that that hazard was there, and what they did to eliminate it or warn you. They could’ve had easily painted it yellow and put up signs and warnings, but they didn’t.

Most likely, if there is a big variance in that curb or that walkway, it’s been there for a long time, and they knew about it, then they had a duty to either fix it, remove it, or warn you. If they didn’t do that, they could be responsible, regardless of what their property, management company, or their insurance adjuster says when they say, “No, it’s your fault.”

You have to have an attorney that deals with these kinds of cases on a regular basis because I can tell you this: the insurance adjusters going to deny your claim and if you don’t have an attorney that has the ability to take them on head-to-head, you’re probably not going to get anything.

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