Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

Choosing a truck accident attorney to represent you is an important first step. Call us for a free confidential consultation and learn what makes us different.

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You need to have an attorney who has specific skill and experience in dealing with commercial truck claims and with big rig truck accident claims. In addition to that, you need someone who is board certified by the State Bar of Nevada and the Nevada Justice Association as a Board Certified Personal Injury Specialist.

There are a number of attorneys that have the board certification, but you should not hire the first attorney that you talk to. You can call an office and they will talk to you and say you need to come in right away and sign up. Then they get you in and you’ll meet with an intake person, they’ll sign you up, you may meet with a lawyer for two minutes, then they shuffle you out the door.

You need to call a number of attorneys to find out who is willing to spend the time to get to know you and to answer the questions and give you the information that you want before you even hire an attorney. You’re going to have to have a very close relationship with that attorney, and in a big rig commercial truck accident claim, your claim could go on for a number of years. You need to have an attorney that you can have a close working relationship with and that you can trust, and who will be there over the long haul with you. If you don’t have an attorney who can spend the time with you and answer your questions up front before you’re even a client, are they going to do that once you’ve signed up? It’s doubtful.

To protect yourself, call a number of attorneys. Find out who is willing to give you the level of service that you expect, not only at the beginning, but all the way through your case. Once you do that, I am confident that you will find that the best attorney for your big rig claim or any other type of claim is my office. When you and I work together on this, we spend a lot of time. We get to know you, and we go about building your case to protect your needs and your interests. The only way that we can do that is by spending the time to get to know you and to know how this crash has affected your life and your future.

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