Trucking Accident Case Value

Were you injured in a truck accident? Find out how trucking accident case value is determined and see if you have a claim. Call for a free consultation.

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When someone is seriously injured in a big rig truck crash by a commercial vehicle, people will often want to know how we go about evaluating what the value is of that claim. That is a natural question for people to ask, but not an easy answer.

Oftentimes, when there is a big rig truck crash on the highways in Nevada, it’s not just with one car; it’s multiple vehicles with multiple claimants. The big rig will have multiple layers of insurance coverage. The main thing in determining the value of your claim is really what the full extent of your injuries and damages are. This is why it’s very important for you to make sure that you get all of the medical care and treatment that is required. That is going to impact at least a portion of the evaluation of the value of your claim. You need to find out what your injuries are, what it will take to get you better, or at least as good as you can get, and what the damages are going to be to you for the rest of your life. Until you know what that is, we can’t value your claim.

What you need to do is hire an attorney who has specific skill and experience in big rig truck crashes. You need a board certified personal injury trial attorney because these claims are very complex. You need someone who will make sure that your rights are fully protected.

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